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dentsu international launches ‘Total Commerce’, unites all commerce capabilities under a single umbrella

‘Total Commerce’ will encapsulate every aspect of e-commerce, last-mile delivery as well as retail radius communication

dentsu international has launched its global commerce unit ‘Total Commerce’ in India to align its years of commerce expertise under one umbrella and deliver efficient business outcomes.

‘Total Commerce’ unites all of the conglomerate’s commerce capabilities under a single umbrella, encapsulating every aspect of e-commerce, last-mile delivery as well as retail radius communication.

‘Total Commerce’ is an attempt to find solutions to a world where manufacturers are jumping to consumers directly, where start-ups are disrupting the marketplace, and where branding is playing a significantly unique role. The solution has already, and over time, allowed many brands and retailers to take on various marketplaces and big-box distributors, thereby, enabling several wins.

This has been achieved by our helping brands prioritise and succeed anywhere in commerce by mapping their commerce maturity to a strategic road map covering creative, data and ops, experience, and performance and media. The end-to-end offering activates a research based success framework that ensures:

*Desirability (Brand equity): Are we loved and sought after by consumers?

*Availability (Distribution strategy): Planning presence and availability priorities by audience and demand.

*Findability (Position Optimisation): Optimising visibility where audience is present.

*Buyability (Content Effectiveness): Optimising product listings for purchase conversion.

*Repeatability (Purchase Experience): Auditing reviews and sentiments. 

Brands, under the four broad groups of Performance and Media, Creative, Interactive, and Data & Ops and through the Total Commerce framework, will now be able to tap onto several proprietary products and solutions designed to support all stages of the commerce journey. These will include: 

  • Total Commerce Analytics
  • B2B Commerce Transformation
  • Commerce Intelligence
  • 020 Commerce Framework
  • E-commerce Enablement
  • Loyalty & Customer Lifetime Value Optimisation
  • Dentsu Tracking
  • Fast Track Commerce
  • Symphony Product Merchandising
  • Marketplace Consulting
  • eRetail & Performance Activation
  • Marketplace Optimisation

Anand Bhadkamkar, CEO India, dentsu, said, “We have always been focused on the changing market scenario and have built capabilities ahead of the market. In line with this, we had built capabilities in commerce, performance, retail design and last-mile and experience design. All these capabilities are now being brought together under one umbrella of dentsu Commerce. In these testing times, we are certain that the capabilities of building on D2C offerings will enable our clients to stay ahead of the market and harness the power of the digitally comfortable consumer.”

To ensure clients have a specialist in every field, dentsu Commerce has built a team with Nihal Nambiar (AVP, Strategic Solutions, iProspect) for Performance Media, Krutika Shroff (Senior UX Lead, Fractal Ink Linked by Isobar) and Richa Gupta (Senior UX Lead, Fractal Ink Linked by Isobar) for Design and Experience, Aniket Khare (VP, Business Development, Merkle Sokrati) for Data and Analytics, Deepak Kumar (Director, Hyperspace) for Retail design and experience and Provit Chemmani (Group Tech – Ecommencify, WATConsult) for holistic e-comm design and delivery. This group will be the lead team. They have been empowered to bring together every capability of the group to build solutions for brands.

Speaking on the consolidation of capabilities, the team said, “It’s a great thing that denstu has formalised the commerce capabilities under one umbrella. We have been delivering solutions to clients at different stages of their commerce journey and now we will be able to help clients get a frictionless solution across the journey by planning and building solutions from end to end. We understand that clients themselves may be at different stages and may have varying requirements which is why working as a group helps us to pick and choose the best and most relevant solutions for our clients. Powered by our own commerce in a box solution e-commencify as well as best-in-class market solutions from Salesforce and Magento, we plan to work to quickly get clients connected with their consumers in the commerce space. And deliver solutions like never before.”

Can download the dentsu Commerce product factsheet HERE

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