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Brinton Pharmaceuticals launches ‘No pHighting Please’ campaign in light of ad war between two FMCG giants

The campaign nudges the two biggies to not fight over PH levels alone. It educates the consumer so that she can take a more informed call on what could have a major impact on the skin

Pharmaceuticals company Brinton has launched an apt campaign called ‘No pHighting Please’, nudging two FMCG biggies to not fight over PH levels alone.

The wittiness of the campaign lies in how the F in fighting has been replaced with PH, taking into consideration that the giants are fighting over the PH levels as well as the phonetic aspect of PH often used to sound F.

A mega battle is on between two giants fighting over an advertising campaign that one of them had launched recently. The advertising campaign targeted a competitor’s soaps, naming the exact soap brands and comparing the PH levels of both its and the competitor’s soaps. This obviously didn’t go too well with the competition and led to a legal battle between the two.

Rahul Darda, Chairman and Managing Director of Brinton Pharmaceuticals Limited, said, “The ingredients of the soap, its syndet base, whether it contains other harmful chemicals or whether it is PSPM-free and more, is what matters. Considering just one aspect and building a campaign over it is sending half-baked information to the end consumer. This is exactly why we decided to launch this campaign and educate the consumer so she can take a more informed call on what could have a major impact on the skin.”

Darda added, “This campaign has been well-received by our consumers and the brand is getting lots of one-on-one messages, thanking us for clearing the air about what should be considered while making the purchase decision.”

The soap brand of Brinton – Neobar will continue its battle against misinformation or sharing of half-baked information, with launching multiple creatives and messaging over the weeks to come.

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