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ABP Majha crosses 7 million subscribers mark on YouTube

The channel claims accelerated growth on digital following its rebranding

Marking its leadership position in the digital sphere, ABP Network’s Marathi news channel ABP Majha has crossed 7 million subscribers mark on YouTube.

“As ABP Majha, along with other regional and national channels, recently reinvented its look and feel with a brand new identity, the network is already starting to witness massive growth on all fronts. In fact, ABP Network’s regional properties have been thriving both on digital and broadcast by the dint of a fresh outlook on content & overall visual language,” the network said in a press statement.

“While ABP Majha has always held a leadership position in the highly-competitive market of Maharashtra, its burgeoning subscriber base on YouTube further demonstrates the ever-growing potential of the news channel on digital,” it said.

On this development, Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network, said, “This milestone only gives us more confidence to innovate and evolve ourselves with the changing times. All of our hard work seems worth it, when we see the faith our viewers have in our content. This is just another stepping stone towards our ever-growing leadership and our goal to conquer the digital segment.”

The new identity of ABP Majha, coupled with a fresh and unique take on content has certainly been critical in achieving this milestone, the channel claimed. “This accomplishment truly embodies the new vision of the network, which places focus on the striking concept of ‘limitlessness’. The concept of limitlessness not only lays emphasis on delivering truth ‘beyond limits’ to the viewers but also represents the network’s undying spirit to work towards betterment relentlessly and stop at nothing,” it said.

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