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Country Delight to increase ad spends in next two months with launch of newer products

Chakradhar Gade, Co-founder, Country Delight, talks to about their growth strategy and media plans

Chakradhar Gade

Country Delight, which started as a milk and milk product delivery platform in Delhi-NCR in 2017, is today present in almost all the metro cities of the country.

The objective of the company, which has an annual revenue run rate of roughly $55-60 million, is to be a natural food essentials business and to build a high-quality, affordable premium-priced, natural food essentials brand, Chakradhar Gade, Co-founder, said in a conversation with

master head ad

At present, the brand has a presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Jaipur and will soon launch in Kolkata, Gade said.

Speaking about their advertising and marketing strategy, he said the communication plan essentially remains around delivering natural products and as the geographical coverage increased, they were able to tap mass mediums such as television. “We have been print advertisers for the last two-three years. TV is a medium that we have started more aggressively and gone a little higher on ATL because of the larger geographical coverage to allocate a good consumer reach.”

“We typically look at 8-10% of the revenue on advertising spends. Currently, 60% is primarily skewed towards digital and then we have traditional mediums such as print and TV,” he said, adding OOH and radio are not their preferred mediums but they are working towards advertising on OTT and have some presence on podcast.

Gade said while they had cut down on their ad spends during the peak of the second wave, they plan to increase it in the next couple of months as they launch fruit and vegetable delivery with the app.

The brand, which roughly serves 1.6 lakh subscribers and has grown 2.5 times since last year, recently launched a campaign with Madhuri Dixit.

The ad:

Asked if the ad takes a dig at other dairy brands, Gade said it highlights their honesty as a brand and is not essentially a dig at other brands. “The intent of our advertising is primarily to showcase what we are and how honest we are and that comes out of our tagline, ‘naturally acha, naturally sacha’. It's not a dig at the competition; it's more a dig at the way of advertising. We want to be genuine in what we say and not saying that others are wrong in what they do,” he said.

While not every communication needs a celebrity, sometimes, for a brand to say out its message clearly, a well-known face helps once in a while. They give you the voice and give you the chance to get heard by people, he said.

“As a startup, we are learning and breaking the clutter is what we are looking for. If you have a good celebrity and a good script that can deliver the message to people, it can help. Sometimes you don't need a celebrity if the script is very good but that's an experiment. At the end of the day, you don't know whether it can work or not. Depending on the brand and the phase of its life, you take these calls. We do work on both sides with 3-5% of the spending on celebrities and 95% relying on building innovation, creative innovation and trying to figure out what is the right way to communicate and reach customers,” Gade said.

Speaking about voices demanding vegan milk from leading dairy brands such as Amul, he said if there is enough demand and if it's viable to them, they won’t shy away from launching vegan milk. “Our objective is to be a natural food essentials business and if launching vegan milk products is what our customers want, we will do that. I see that at the moment, the demand is not that high. These conversations don't bother us, it is not like we are for or against anything,” he stated.

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