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Media and entertainment platform BuddyBits re-brands itself with a fresh new logo

The brand, which recently launched its first web series ‘Starting Troubles’, plans to launch four originals in 2021

Media and entertainment channel BuddyBits has unveiled a fresh new logo for the brand as part of its longer vision for 2021. The brand which recently launched its first web-series ‘Starting Troubles’, will foray into the world of originals.

The Lineup’ will be the first original that the brand will launch from their slate for this year. Ahead of its stroll into the world of original entertainment, the brand unveiled the new logo as part of its first step towards targeting more millennials and younger audiences.


The BuddyBits team observed the new ways users were consuming stories and content on the interwebs and wanted to set their role as one of the top enablers of digital content. The brand looks forward to elevating the way people think, feel and entertain themselves by narrating stories worth telling, rolling one story at a time.

The new logo is a symbol of the brand’s endeavour to re-shape the overall voice and tone of the brand, along with added curvy-yet-bold elements that align flawlessly across all categories and subjects, while making the brand approachable, especially to the younger audience. The rebranding exercise was undertaken by Yellow Media Labs, Ahmedabad.


Nishit Jariwala, Founder and CEO, BuddyBits Media Pvt Ltd., said, “The sole reason behind BuddyBits coming to existence was the need we felt to reach out to millions of Indian millennials and gen-z'ers through handpicked stories and relatable content. The new identity is a breath of fresh air that’s empowering but at the same time has roots in the original BuddyBits positioning. The goal behind the re-branding is to refresh the positioning and create a distinct visual brand that makes an impact on the minds of the audience through progressive and relatable stories. The new face is designed to depict a rich entertainment experience and a vibrant sense of community to set BuddyBits as a benchmark in the digital content industry.”

Binit Thacker, Creative Director and Founder at Yellow Media Labs, said, "Our aim was the represent the essence of stories through the rebrand. Hence, a custom set of quotation marks are the most distinctive visual elements of the overall Identity. The quotes can be transformed into anything with fresh interpretations and act as an identifier for the brand on all platforms."

BuddyBits will soon share the first glimpse and announce the date for its upcoming first ever original web-series ‘The Lineup’. The brand will launch four originals in 2021.


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