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Times Internet's M360 partners with Google to enable effective monetisation for digital publishers

M360’s partnership with Google for deploying Google Ad Manager will help publisher owners on M360 to scale their revenues

M360, Times Internet’s turnkey publishing and monetisation platform for publishers, has partnered with Google as a Google Ad Manager partner. M360 will now be able to monetise publisher inventory using the Google Ad Manager platform. Times and Google have a long standing partnership on Google Ad Manager.

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Made in India, M360 is a complete hosting and monetisation platform that has scaled up and now serves 25 million MAUs outside the Times Internet group. Apart from Google Ad Manager, M360 also leverages Times Internet’s home-grown premium ad network, Colombia Audience Network, to help advertisers and agencies to achieve performance for their marketing objectives at scale across a wide variety of ad formats and audience segments.

Puneet Gupt, COO, Times Internet, said, “M360 aims to bring technological advancements in digital publishing to the smallest of the publishers allowing them to focus on bringing great content to their readers. We are happy to join hands with Google to provide enhanced monetisation capabilities to Indian publishers on the M360 platform.”

“We’ve been working very closely with the Google team since the inception of M360 platform eight months ago and this partnership is a testament of the strong synergy in building a comprehensive publishing platform for publishers who are looking to scale their revenues and engage their users. Our product has become a de facto platform for publishers looking to create, monetise and engage their readership through a seamless ad and content experiences across all platforms” said Arjun Satya, Co-founder, M360.

“We have had a strong partnership with Times across multiple areas, and today we’re excited to be extending it even further. We hope this initiative will inspire  other publishers to build on their digital journey, so that together we can grow the digital publisher ecosystem in India,”  said Ryu Hirayama, Director and Head of APAC Partnership Solutions, Google.

M360’s hosting and CMS helps media organisations create a fast loading, non-intrusive ad and content portal, which leads to higher CPMs for the same ad inventory. M360 runs over a state-of-the-art personalisation engine, giving publishers an edge to engage and retain their audiences. This personalisation engine leverages billions of combinations across 60k user attributes to recommend the best possible content and ads, all in real-time. M360 has also launched an integrated push notifications and newsletter management service for publishers to engage with their users effectively. Publishers shifting from their current hosting to M360 platform have seen anywhere from 30% to 160% lift their Page CPM within a few weeks of migrating from traditional hosting solutions.

With Covid-19 reducing ad revenue for publishers, M360’s partnership with Google for deploying Google Ad Manager will help publisher owners on M360 scale their revenues while incurring zero engineering and IT costs by paying a small subscription fee.

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