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FCB Ulka’s Swati Bhattacharya, an inspiration for women, features on The One Club’s ‘A Creative Perspective’ Series

The 10-minute video shares a slice of her life, from her ‘affair’ with filmmaking, while she stays married to advertising and her thoughts on activism.

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Swati Bhattacharya, CCO, India, FCB Ulka has been featured in The One Club for Creativity’s new ‘A Creative Perspective’ video series.

Bhattacharya has been the only woman CCO in India when she joined FCB Ulka in 2016.

The 10-minute video shares a slice of her remarkable life, from her "affair" with filmmaking, while she stays married to advertising and her thoughts on activism.

The brief video tells us about Bhattacharya’s creative processes and the emotional circuitry she uses to spark off ideas that lead on to deliver awards winning campaigns like Sindoor Khela for the Times of India. We also get insights into her mantra for the creative life, how her affair with filmmaking began, the creative algorithm and the recipe for a perfect love story between a brand and the consumers. The video ends with a special message to all the women.

“A Creative Perspective” is a monthly special streaming series from The One Club offers digestible glimpses into the minds of many noted industry professionals from around the world, in their own words. The series was launched as a daily segment of the club’s Creative Month 2020 online programming.

The series has been developed by Bob Isherwood, who recently joined The One Club as Director and Tony Gulisano, the organisation’s Global Chief Growth Officer.

Sessions to date include talks from industry leaders such as Sir John Hegarty, Joe Pytka, Tony Davidson, Fernando Machado, Kerstin Emhoff, Pum Lefebure, Pablo Del Campo, David Nobay and others.

The One Club for Creativity, producer of The One Show, ADC Annual Awards and Creative Week, is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community. The One Show is a global award show for advertising, design and digital marketing, focusing on the creativity of ideas and quality of execution. The global ADC Annual Awards honours creative excellence in craft, design, and innovation across all disciplines. Creative Week takes place in New York every May and is a preeminent festival celebrating the intersection of advertising and arts.

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