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Zee5 progresses towards enriching first-party data

Makes user registration mandatory to augment segmentation and targeting capabilities; to lead data democratisation via its indigenous CDP platform ‘Infonomix’

Zee5 announced its plans to enrich its audience data by building quality and diverse audience clusters with engagement capabilities in a cookie less world. The ConTech platform takes a strategic step towards making ‘user registration mandatory’ and thus augmenting astute audience segmentation and targeting capability.

Brands are slowly shifting their marketing budgets to digital platforms as the digital medium becomes all pervasive and consumers increase time spent on this medium. Taking cue from that, Zee5 with its futuristic Ad:tech construct, promises to build rich customer profiles, serve hyper-personalised content recommendations and ad targeting, based on the holistic personas of these customers to improve experiences and deliver precise targeting for advertisers in a brand-safe environment.

Rajneel Kumar, Business Head - Expansion Projects and Head of Products, Zee5 India, said, “Data enrichment is the way forward. We are cognizant of the cookie less future and want to reduce dependencies on using third party data significantly. Rise of a new data-driven world, addressable, accountable and increasingly automated is upon us, and brands are longing to create more individualized experiences that can tap into the targeting and personalisation capabilities available within the digital video realm. With a robust Ad:tech architecture at play, we want to empower the advertiser to do end to end optimisation on the back of cutting-edge technology coupled with Zee5’s massive reach and rich consumer profiles.”

Zee5’s indigenous CDP platform ‘Infonomix’, a key offering from Zee5 Ads, is designed to deliver measurable value for advertisers in action-led campaign planning. Infonomix will allow brands to leverage the flexibility and the prowess of Ad Suite to target precisely and harness segmentation for very measurable results. The convergence of data from various sources including, social data from the recently launched HiPi – a short video platform, will allow Infonomix to not only power the content discovery on the platform but also support CLM team to devise a personalised push notification strategy.

With the uncertainty on when the lockdown will end, Zee5 foresees not only increased consumption from existing customers but also many new customers joining the platform for the first time in the coming months. Zee5 aims to ramp up their content strategy but also, their consumer insight data points for hyper-accurate and hyper-relevant content and ad optimization.

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