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Voot curates ‘#AsliFans: Bigg Boss Edition’ report showcasing the power of #AsliFans

The report throws light on the continuously transforming yet unifying fan-platform connect and the content consumption habits across the length and breadth of our country for Bigg Boss. Season 13 had 40 million watchers on Voot

Bigg Boss Season 13, with an unprecedented 40 million watchers on Voot, the digital video-on-demand streaming service from Viacom18, unravelled the power of #AsliFans. With the next season to begin soon, Voot has curated an insight-driven report — ‘#AsliFans: Bigg Boss Edition’, which showcases the power of #AsliFans, their intent, loyalty and content preferences. The insights throw light on the continuously transforming yet unifying fan-platform connect and the content consumption habits across the length and breadth of our country for the popular show Bigg Boss.

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Gourav Rakshit, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures, said, "Bigg Boss is more than just a show for its fans across India. It is a way of life. Bigg Boss fans are committed and dedicated and are also ambassadors of the show in some form or another, online as well as offline. The fans are a testimony to the success of Bigg Boss beyond TV. The playbook gives advertisers and brand owners an insight and deeper understanding into the behaviour of these unique Bigg Boss fans on the digital platform, which is extremely interesting and intriguing from a brand and advertising standpoint."

The Bigg Boss Playbook unearths five distinct behaviour-shaping trends of #AsliFans, which gives us a glimpse into the rulebooks of entertainment:

  • Unmatched scale: At unmatched scale, tens of millions #AsliFans flocked to Voot to shatter records and make Bigg Boss the #1 digital entertainment property by clocking 1.5+ billion views and 20+ billion minutes of watch-time on Season 13. This is 1.5X the number of online food deliveries in India last year, and equivalent to the time required to walk around the globe 40,160 times respectively. 
  • Know it all: FOMO-struck, #AsliFans want to know it all. Voot satiates this relentless desire through a robust suite of Voot exclusives such as Unseen Undekha, Cutless, Bigg Buzz, etc. With 3,000+ exclusive content pieces that contribute to 30%+ viewership, Voot Exclusives’ consumption has been on a meteoric rise with two out of three viewers now watching both full episodes and Voot Exclusives.
  • Love to express: #AsliFans love to express and made themselves heard and counted in every way possible through a myriad of interactivity formats. Voot made 300+ million interactions possible between the fans and Bigg Boss through voting, video vichaar, pulse meter, etc.
  • Vocal on social: #AsliFans go vocal on social where Voot is the preferred destination for conversations on everything Bigg Boss. We hit a billion not just in our views counter, but also on social media with touching a billion impressions on social campaign.
  • Love for brand partners: #AsliFans extend their love beyond content to brand partners, who find innovative avenues to engage with them and drive brand stories. With eight digital sponsors and a plethora of inventory advertisers on S13, #AsliFans overwhelmingly embraced brands in their fandom.

Link to Voot’s #AsliFans Bigg Boss report:

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