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National Geographic’s documentary ‘The Next Frontier: India’s Smart Cities’ premiers on Independence Day

In collaboration with Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the exclusive film reveals how the Smart Cities Mission is creating the next generation of cities for tomorrow

With a rural to urban migration rate of 25 to 30 persons per minute, the World Economic Forum has predicted that 70% of India’s population may live in cities by 2050. Today, the country sits at the cusp of transformation, primarily led by the need for modern living, technology and cultural urban migration. Spotlighting the journey of a national initiative that is aiming to transform Indian cities, National Geographic today announced a documentary titled, ‘The Next Frontier: India’s Smart Cities’. The documentary meticulously chronicles the journey of four lighthouse cities to highlight the importance of ground-breaking innovation to build a stronger nation.

Premiering on Independence Day, August 15, 2020, at 6 pm on National Geographic, the film captures the impact of Smart Cities Mission in the life of a common man, while promising to leave the entire nation with pride. The 44-minute film will focus on four cities (Surat, Visakhapatnam, Pune and Varanasi) as they present exemplary examples and lead the way in various spheres: infrastructure, transportation, technology, renewable energy, restoration and preservation of ancient heritage. The film offers a unique insight into these four exceptional cities as they rise to face the challenges of progressive India by thinking smartly.

Talking about the film, Anuradha Aggarwal, Head - Infotainment, English, and Kids, Star India, says, “In our upcoming film ‘The Next Frontier: India’s Smart Cities’, we will showcase a national initiative that has transformed the lives of people across four lighthouse cities. Despite burgeoning population, India has been at the centre of this paradigm of development. Viewers will learn about how innovation and technology are catalyzing the growth of our nation and playing an instrumental role in preparing for the needs of the coming future.”

“We hope this National Geographic film deepens the understanding about India’s Smart Cities Mission to the world. India is at the cusp of rapid urbanization and our Smart cities are harbinger of new ideas and transformative thinking in India’s urban journey. This film captures a snapshot of their work,” said Durga Shanker Mishra (IAS), Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

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