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Duroflex puts safety first in its new campaign for Onam

The sleep solutions provider offers an anti-bacterial cover for free with every mattress purchase as a special offer for Onam in Kerala

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Duroflex, a sleep solutions provider with a range of mattresses and sleep accessories, brings hope and comfort through its Onam message. Keeping health and safety of the people of Kerala in mind, the brand extends a hand of support by offering their newly launched anti-bacterial cover for free with every mattress purchase as a special offer for Onam.

The message, ‘Sugha Nidra Eppol Surakshitavum’, meaning ‘blissful sleep is now safe too’, is Duroflex's thoughtful way of requesting people and families to keep the tradition and Onam rituals alive but with a layer of safety.

Duroflex’s messaging emphasises on celebrating the festival with loved ones keeping safety in mind. It highlights the need to protect the health of loved ones without hampering their Onam celebrations. Duroflex's special film shows a mother waking up her kids on Onam morning and keeping their Onakodi but carefully adding a mask to it. It shows a pregnant couple taking a nap after Onam sadhya, but the husband sanitises his hand before helping his wife to lie down. Just like masks and sanitisers have become integral to our every waking moment, an anti-bacterial mattress cover ensures we are protected from harmful bacteria and allergens during our sleep as well. 

While the Duroflex mattress gives deep, restful, immunity-building sleep, the added layer of protection offered by the anti-bacterial mattress cover makes consumers feel safe and protected from harmful bacteria and allergens, an essential need at this time. The covers are eco-friendly, easy to wash (machine washable), durable, skin-safe and hypoallergenic. 

Mohanraj J, President and Business Unit Head, Duroflex said, "In our new communication, Duroflex has an encouraging and optimistic message for consumers.  We are providing a free anti-bacterial mattress cover with every mattress purchase this Onam. We want people to celebrate this joyous festival with family by taking precautions while communicating that sleep is an important aspect of staying healthy and increasing immunity. The decision to provide a free anti-bacterial mattress cover with mattress purchase resonates with Sugha Nidra Eppol Surakshitavum. Since Duroflex is rooted in Kerala, and is honed by a strong Kerala heritage, it is our way of stepping up and giving a little back to our community. After all, it's all about protecting what you care for. We wish everyone a safe and Happy Onam."

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