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Radio City enthrals Mumbaikars with new programming line-up, ‘Radio City-Naya Hai’

From July 15, the FM channel started new shows to provide light-hearted yet positive content to engage and entertain listeners in Mumbai

Radio network Radio City has refreshed its programming line-up to enthral Mumbaikars. From July 15, with ‘Radio City-Naya Hai’, Radio City started new shows and an entertaining twist to provide light-hearted yet positive content to engage and entertain the listeners in Mumbai.

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Radio City’s RJ Salil kickstarts the day with ‘City Ka Kadak Show’ from 7 am to 11 am, Monday to Saturday. The show engages the audience in some interesting and kadak conversations around city-life, sports, economy, stocks, govt, Bollywood, etc. Focused on the high band of female listenership, Radio City ki BFF RJ Archana takes over the mid-morning show with ‘11 se 2, (Gyaarah Se Do) Archu ka show’ from Monday to Saturday.  Through the show, she airs hopeful and positive stories from the kona kona of the city along with beauty and DIY tips and tricks, etc.

Radio City’s afternoon show, ‘Aapdo Karan’ airs from 2pm-5pm and refreshes the afternoon vibe of the city. Aiming to add that extra zing to Mumbai’s sultry evening, ‘City ki Double Decker’ with RJ Harshit and RJ Palak bring their contrasting personalities together to entertain listeners with entertaining Bollywood quizzes, engaging games, and much more during their show that airs from 5pm- 9pm.

Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City, said, “Radio City through its new brand ideology ‘Rag Rag Mein Positivity’ continues to stay committed and responsible in spreading happiness, hope, and positivity among the listeners, society, and the nation. We have always pushed boundaries and harnessed the true power of radio to connect with our audience.  Our new programming line-up for Mumbai is yet another strategic step to curate appealing, positive, and engaging content for our listeners. I am confident that the revamped shows, with mood mapped music and engaging connect, will be able to highlight the local flavour of the city and entertain Mumbaikars.”

Radio City had initiated the teaser campaign by quizzing and dropping hints to Mumbaikars about something new coming up through on-air promos. Reiterating the motto of the brand ‘Rag Rag Mein Positivity’, Radio City aims to bring entertainment along with tailored positive content to connect with the pulse of the city.

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