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On World Emoji Day, Zee Biskope launches ‘Emoji Lahariya’, an Instagram Filter

Viewers would need to select the filter on their Instagram story screen and record a video with expression of emojis displayed on the screen with the hook line of the channel’s brand song. The closest matches will get featured on Zee Biskope’s social and TV platforms on July 31

Bhojpuri movie channel Zee Biskope presented to its viewers ‘Emoji Lahariya’ — a category-first initiative on World Emoji Day, July 17. The two most popular concepts on social media today are selfies and emojis. Zee Biskope designed Emoji Lahariya with a perfect amalgamation of the two, giving its viewers an opportunity to convey their self-expression through the lens of emojis.

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Zee Biskope’s Emoji Lahariya is a new Instagram filter. Viewers would need to select Emoji Lahariya filter on their Instagram story screen and record a video-mimicking expression of emojis displayed on the screen with the upbeat hook line of the channel’s brand song playing in the background. They can then share the video on Zee Biskope’s WhatsApp number 8563856302 along with their full name and address. The closest and funniest matches from the barrage of videos received will get featured on Zee Biskope’s social and TV platforms throughout the day on July 31.

Building up to D-Day, the channel has initiated a teaser campaign on July 10. This is supplemented by other emoji-led interventions like ‘Express Your Emotions’ and ‘Look Into The Eyes’. While the former is an interactive Q&A on quirky real-life instances that are expressed as emojis, the latter requires the viewer to look into the eyes of an emoji to play a video snippet from a popular Bhojpuri movie. World Emoji Day will also witness Zee Biskope’s logo being recreated with emojis across its social platforms. The channel has more happy emotions to share throughout the entry phase of the contest. ‘Emoji Scenes’ will have emoji integrated versions of Zee Biskope’s brand song and popular Bhojpuri movie sequences where relevant emojis will superimpose the face of the lead(s) matching the mood of the sequence. ‘Lovey Dubby Chat’ will involve a light-hearted, emoji-driven, romantic conversation between a couple on a social messaging app. It’s going to be an Aanthon Pahariya Loota Emoji Lahariya time for viewers.

Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head East, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., said, “Viewer engagement has always been one of the key priorities of Zee Biskope. At a time when parts of the region are going back to lockdown, digital happens to be an effective alternative media to reach out to our viewers in real time. The channel has been consistently strengthening its virtual viewer connect through initiatives like #LahariyaChallenge, Talent Camera Action and now Emoji Lahariya. Complementing the digital intervention with television exposure not only excites the audience but even offers a multi-platform consumer connect opportunity for the advertisers.”

Amarpreet Singh Saini, Business Head, Zee Biskope and Big Ganga, said, “Emojis have become the new way of expressing emotions among millennials and the youth of today. At a time when netizens are critically mindful about the makeover of their online persona, curating a trendy and interactive Instagram filter perfectly paves the way to uplift the social quotient of our young audience. With Emoji Lahariya, Zee Biskope will mark yet another milestone in keeping up its promise of offering novelty to its viewers beyond the magic of movies.”

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