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Tata Motors Finance’s digital film ‘The Sounds of Lockdown’ creates an acoustic experience

Crafted by Logicserve Digital, the power of sound and the amalgamation of the everyday activities perfectly blended in the film to relive memories of normal life that everyone is missing these days

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Logicserve Digital, a digital marketing company, and the Indian arm of Logicserve Group, has created an acoustic experience through a new digital film ‘The Sounds of Lockdown’ for Tata Motors Finance Limited.

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The film aptly picked up the daily routine chores and converted it into an interactive as well an immersive experience for the customers. The power of sound and the amalgamation of the everyday activities perfectly blended in this film to relive the memories of normal life that everyone is missing these days.

The digital film focuses on the audio experience and allows the users to imagine the cues in their own way while they reminisce the small moments of life. This film was a great way for the brand to take a break from the daily routine and connect with their customers in a unique way while they adapt to the new normal of life too. 

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on everyone’s life. While we are learning to adapt and face the challenging situations, the ongoing situation has taught us the importance of the minutest things and gestures. It taught us to appreciate the small gestures and acts of kindness or support that we took for granted at some point. Cognizant of these facts and looking for a way to empathise with their consumers who are going through similar situations is what led to the creation of this digital film.  

The soothing audio experience and the relatability to everyday activities connected well with the audiences creating an emotional bond and further strengthening their relationship and trust in the brand. The digital film was shared on social media channels of the brand and was appreciated by their consumers for the unique way it used to take the users back in their memory lane.

Parminder Multani, Marketing Head, Tata Motors Finance, said, “The current Covid-19 situation has hugely impacted us and our shareholders. We were eagerly looking for a way to spread a message of optimism among our customers and stakeholders without being preachy. This is where we used our creative partnership with Logicserve Digital to create this audio film for connecting with our customers and stakeholders. This digital film aims to hit the sweet spot of our brand values while using an engaging format to communicate with the audience. And it worked really well for us, the response on social media talks for itself. We want our partners to understand that this situation is temporary, and we can overcome the current situation with each other’s support.”

Talking about his experience of creating this digital film, Manesh Swamy, VP, Creative, Logicserve Digital, said, “In the current scenario, storytelling the normal way has become a bit challenging. A fresh approach is required so that your content piece stands out from the clutter of stock shots with a baritone voiceover. While creating this digital film, we kept in mind the brand ethos and the current emotional health of consumers. We then used a messaging technique that is able to gain consumers’ attention in the hyper-digital distraction of the lockdown life. We experimented with the narrative in a unique fashion with the help of Sounds. Each sound used in the film has the power to teleport you, connect you with the brand, and also give everyone the hope that soon things will be better.”

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