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Tata Hitachi raising environmental awareness with special series The Mighty 5

Mighty 5 packages messages around saving the earth and the environment through engaging content. To commemorate World Environment Day, Tata Hitachi signed its digital agency Interactive Avenues to create a special episode for this series

Tata Hitachi, a construction equipment manufacturer in India, with machines for infrastructure and mining operations, has been an environment crusader and has been running a special series called The Mighty 5.

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Mighty 5 packages messages around saving the earth and the environment through various engaging immersive content. To commemorate this World Environment Day (observed on June 5), Tata Hitachi has signed in its digital agency, Interactive Avenues — A Reprise Network Company, to create a special episode for this series.

The depleting environment condition is a rising concern and an ongoing debate. Both the reason and solution lie in human consciousness and behavioural change. To raise awareness for creating the much-required change, the brand sent out a message on World Environment Day, a specially curated, animated episode for The Mighty 5 series, themed on creating a better India. It's based on creating awareness about the plastic menace and how it is destroying marine life and also, our environment. 

Sandeep Singh, MD, Tata Hitachi, said, “As leaders in the industry, Tata Hitachi has dedicated itself in creating a better world for our future generations. The mission is to create awareness around plastic menace that is choking up our water bodies and creating havoc for marine life. We are aiming to spread the message that the environment must be respected.”

The Mighty 5 series is the journey of a team of five, out on their mission to build a better India. The protagonists in the story are three children — Prithvi, Pallavi, and Arjun. And their two Tata Hitachi machine friends — Veer, the Excavator, and Shinrai — the Backhoe Loader. They work together to defeat all the obstacles in their way to create a better India and follow the brand proposition of 'Chalo Desh Banaye' — building the nation of tomorrow. 

Aparna Tadikonda, Executive Vice-President, Interactive Avenues, A Reprise Network Company, said, “The whole pandemic and subsequent lockdown placed a major challenge in front of the teams as they had to do the scripting, voice-overs, animation from respective locations and couldn’t work together. However, that did not hinder the spirit of Tata Hitachi or the IA teams in any way. What we were aiming for kept our spirits high and enabled us to deliver a campaign in line with the brand ethos."

The episode:

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