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National Geographic launches NatGeo@Home, brings storytelling and science-based content to families, educators

Developed by education and science journalists, the digital platform offers a window to the world and a way to navigate the new normal of being parents and educators at the same time

As the coronavirus global pandemic resulted in widespread school closures and stay-at-home guidelines, National Geographic is responding to the needs of families and educators with NatGeo@Home, a free centralised digital resource for families looking to fill the gap with practical, educational, inspiring and entertaining content designed to keep families connected to the natural world and the science behind it.

NatGeo@Home, a useful resource to keep kids productively occupied during these extreme times, combines the enriching educational resources of the National Geographic Society with the fun and informational offerings of National Geographic Kids to create an online hub to help future explorers fill their time and their minds. From boredom busters and games, to videos and live daily talks with National Geographic Explorers, NatGeo@Home aims to help inspire young people and support caregivers by offering a one-stop destination from a brand they know and trust.

Developed by education and science journalists, NatGeo@Home offers a window to the world and a way to navigate the new normal of being parents and educators at the same time. It  provides access to the National Geographic Society’s Learn at Home portal. "To support educators and families, we’ve curated K-12 resources designed to spark curiosity, engage learners, and ignite the spirit of exploration by bringing the wonder of the world to students," said Dr. Vicki Phillips, Executive Vice-President and Chief Education Officer at the National Geographic Society. The site provides families expert advice and information to help navigate this challenging time, including access to National Geographic’s in-depth reporting on Covid.

National Geographic Partners LLC (NGP), a joint venture between the National Geographic Society and Disney, is committed to bringing the world premium science, adventure, and exploration content across an unrivalled portfolio of media assets.

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