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Mother Dairy’s butterscotch-flavoured Haldi Milk is a traditional Indian drink with a contemporary touch

The brand celebrates the unique relation of a mother and child with #RishtonKiImmunity. The Haldi Milk is available across all Mother Dairy booths and channel partners in a glass bottle packaging

Mother Dairy, the milk and milk products major and subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), has introduced a butterscotch-flavoured Haldi Milk (turmeric latte) made with concentrated turmeric extract.

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Following the self-care guidelines and recommendations issued by the Ministry of AYUSH as preventive health measures for boosting immunity amid the coronavirus outbreak, Mother Dairy has launched the new product, Haldi Milk. Turmeric contains curcumin, a flavonoid that supports a healthy immune response, thereby promoting general well-being. Additionally, Mother Dairy Haldi Milk is heat-treated to remove all bacteria and pathogens.

Turmeric-infused milk and beverages are becoming a rage in the Western world with products such as turmeric latte and golden milk finding their way into chic urban cafes in New York and London.

Sangram Chaudhary, Managing Director Mother Dairy, said, “While the concoction of turmeric and milk, popularly known as Turmeric Latte took the world by storm, we must travel down the memory lane, back to our grandmother's kitchen kitty, which saw turmeric or the 'golden spice' create a reputation as a ‘cure-it-all’ ingredient. Goodness of haldi is backed by thousand years of Indian roots of Ayurvedic science and is known to strengthen the immune system, providing protection from common day -to-day infections.”

The Haldi Milk is available across all Mother Dairy booths and channel partners in a glass bottle packaging at a price of Rs 25. The beverage is safe for consumption both in chilled or warm condition. This would be the first in line among a range of immunity-boosting products by Mother Dairy, Chaudhary said.

With the launch of Haldi Milk, Mother Dairy reiterates its relation with the consumer and the analogy the brand name holds with a mother. The brand celebrates the relation of a mother and child with #RishtonKiImmunity. Just as a mother shields the child against all odds, Mother Dairy creates a protection with Haldi Milk— a boost to child's immunity and a delight of butterscotch flavour.

The new flavour also solves the dilemma of a mother as to how she can include the not-so-appealing turmeric in a child's diet. Kids will now no longer run away from Haldi Milk and moms no longer need to chase them with a glassful of immunity.

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