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DAN’s Data Sciences Division launches gaming demand-side platform, ‘Dentsu Play’

With Dentsu Play, DAN’s Data Sciences Division aims to strengthen the group’s programmatic and tech offerings and help brands better connect with audiences in a unified manner

Pegged at more than $70 billion, e-gaming is currently one of the fastest-growing categories in content consumption and industry size in Asia. And now, with many countries under lockdown, the category has propelled to further growth in terms of time spent and user engagements.

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To understand audiences in the category, the Data Sciences Division of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) India launched the world’s first gaming demand-side platform, ‘Dentsu Play’. The platform aims to strengthen the group’s programmatic and tech offerings and help brands better connect with audiences in a unified manner.

Dentsu Play will be operated by DAN Programmatic and will feed into the Dentsu Marketing Cloud ecosystem for advanced visualisation, segmentation and analytic capabilities.

Gautam Mehra

Commenting on the launch, Gautam Mehra, CEO, DAN Programmatic and Chief Data Officer, DAN, South Asia, said, “With the growing frictionless payment facilities, mobile phone prices, data rates and promotion of localised content, there has been a surge in the gaming ecosystem within the country, which has propelled in the lockdown era. The increasing demand from clients to understand more about these audiences to build strong consumer-brand relationships has been a long-standing pain point. The absence of a single ecosystem to understand and buy these audiences in a seamless manner has been a key challenge for advertisers that we are now able to resolve with Dentsu Play.”

He said, “Dentsu Play will overlay complex machine learning algorithms to better segment audiences and identify opportunities that yield maximum value for brands as well as gaming partners integrated with the ecosystem. It will be capable of serving completely playable ads that have known to have high engagement rates and are a capability of only a handful of DSPs that exist today. Dentsu Play will bring to the forefront better control over performance and insights while ensuring the best of technology deployed to ensure brand safety and transparency.”

Sunil Naryani

“The pace at which gaming and e-sports in the Asia Pacific region is growing is phenomenal. New startups are mushrooming every month. The industry has attracted some of the biggest names in the global ecosystem such as Youzu, Nazara, Unity Tencent and Alibaba investing in it and has over 500 game development companies actively invested. Forging a unique and one of a kind partnership with Unity Technologies, Dentsu Play will expand the network’s capabilities in programmatic gaming with the ability to deploy engaging creatives at scale across the APAC region,” said Sunil Naryani, Vice-President Commercials and Partnerships, Amplifi, Dentsu Aegis Network Asia Pacific.

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