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Guest Times: How ‘bots’ are boosting the revenues of publishers

Neha Kulwal, Country Manager, Admitad India, writes why companies across the world are trying to get customised chatbots for their businesses to increase consumer engagement and loyalty

Neha Kulwal

Every decade brings with it technological advancements that change the course of business. In the ’90s, adoption of the internet was seen as a game-changer for businesses across the world. The 2000s were about taking one’s business online, and the decade of 2010 began with the rise of social media, giving birth to digital marketing.

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The new decade, which has just begun, is being rapidly disrupted with the adoption of chatbots that can think and speak just like humans.

In 2016, when chatbots were in a nascent stage, Business Insider in a report had predicted that 80% of the companies would be using chatbots for their businesses by the year 2020. The forecast has proved to be bang-on, especially for the brands in the online business universe. Companies across the world are trying to get customised chatbots for their businesses in order to increase consumer engagement and loyalty.

 Chatbots and publishers in the affiliate marketing

As per Business Insider, since 2015, the revenue from affiliate marketing has been growing by 10% annually. With the emergence of a new trend of using the messenger-bots for further boosting the sales of the brands, the publishers cannot afford to ignore this development in the affiliate marketing sector for their own revenue generation. Chatbots can prove to be a powerful tool that can help publishers engage with consumers in a more productive manner by monitoring the engagements in a smarter way, gaining valuable insights on the consumers’ interests.

Let’s find out how publishers can utilise the chatbots or virtual assistants to increase their audience engagement which can help them drive revenue, ultimately.

Chatbots for messaging platforms

Messaging apps are an essential part of modern-day life. Businesses and individuals, both are dependent on them for their daily communication needs. These messaging apps are not only used for chatting but are also used as a free traffic source. The globally popular messenger, Telegram, with an audience of over 200 million users, hosts many publishers who successfully promote affiliate programmes through their channels. To help affiliates grow their business, Admitad Bot for Telegram allows affiliates to create deep links supportive of sub-ids in a few moments. This bot extension works on any device where Telegram messenger can be installed, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a browser.  The Admitad Bot for telegram helps publishers create affiliate links in no time and it can even create multiple affiliate links for different sources of traffic at one time. It gives flexibility to publishers while informing them about the best affiliate offers to avail, simplifying the process for monetising the traffic.

Consumer preference

Consumers of today prefer experts’ assessments and product reviews over traditional marketing strategies by the brands. Hence, messaging apps and chatbots offer the publishers an opportunity for quality content distribution in a timely and effective manner, leading to the sustenance of sales activity and commissions earned. Revenue creation is a direct consequence of a collection of more relevant data by worthwhile engagement with the consumers. Knowing consumer behaviour, including their preferred time for online activity, allows publishers to provide them with tailor-made content for them. The more personalised the consumer experience on a publishers’ platform, the higher are the chances of lead generation and converting it into the purchase.

Following are some of the ways the chatbots help the publishers develop more meaningful engagement with the consumers and ultimately drive more revenue.

By streamlining interest categories: Any online purchasing starts with product discovery. Chatbots allow publishers in the affiliate industry to develop apps within a messenger interface. This means that potential consumers do not have to install a particular organisation’s app in order to engage with publishers’ content. Publishers can interact with millions of active users on messaging apps. Based on a reader’s past behaviour, bots can suggest stories likely to be of interest for them before they look for the content relevant for them.

By eliminating undesirable information: Basis a subscriber’s preference and online behaviour, a bot can detect their lack of interest in the content and eliminate the same. Publishers can use this information to make the personalised engagement more fruitful by directing only the potentially useful content to the consumer.

By equipping consumers with up-to-date content: Chatbots help the consumers stay updated with the latest developments in spheres they are interested in, keeping the engagement up. Relevant and updated content leads to more subscriptions by consumers. Chatbots open fresh opportunities for publishers to solve new problems for consumers in the most effective and timely way and stay signed in with them more deeply, leading to increased commission rates for publishers.

Chatbots are becoming the new browsers for the publishers where they can target customers with a more value-based approach. Based on personalised reading behaviour of the subscribers, the publishers can target consumers with relevant offers, commanding higher revenue from the brands that they promote on their platforms. With the rapid advancement in AI & ML, publishers will find and develop more creative methods for one-on-one engagement with consumers.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of and we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.)

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