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GoQuest Digital Studio’s ‘The driving force’ is now streaming on Disney+Hotstar

The first-of-its-kind docu-series developed in partnership with Volkswagen Motorsport India focuses on the motorsports scenario in India

Motorsports is perceived as an unconventional sport in India. However, this perception is changing with more and more youngsters showing interest in the sport. With this thought, Volkswagen Motorsport India in collaboration with GoQuest Digital Studio’s has developed a show ‘The driving force’, focusing on the Indian motorsport scene in the country.

Darshan Bhatt

Talking about the show, Darshan Bhatt, Director, Business Head at GQDS, said the show is made with the thought what drives people to choose unconventional things. “We have taken that lead and made the first docu-series on motorsports scenario in India. The show is made with the thought of what are the forces that drive the people to take up unconventional things. Motorsports is not a conventional thing; you will never end up a Virat Kohli in terms of money or popularity that you make. It’s not the most obvious thing that a child in India would take up but still, there are so many who are taking it up now. It is also a very risky sport and there is very little support for it unlike other sports like cricket in India. We have tried to capture what really goes behind the scenes before you enter a motorsport career,” he said. 

GQDS was also behind the Volkswagen Ameo Cup 2018. Talking about Volkswagen’s vision for the show, Bhatt said the brand wants to provide a platform to youngsters on a global scale. He said they aimed at making an IP this year. “This year we took the conscious call of developing an IP, you can consider it as Coke Studio. Coca-Cola is in the business of aerated drinks and snacks but they also developed something like Coke Studio. Volkswagen motorsports are not out there to sell cars, they are there to give a platform to youngsters on a global stage,” he said.

Talking about their deal with Volkswagen for branded content, he said they understood what the brand needs. “We understood the core of what the brand wants to achieve in the next three years. We were clear that Volkswagen motorsports is not about selling cars but rather providing platforms. You watch the show and you won’t even know Volkswagen is behind it. We have made the show in such a way that it empowers Volkswagen but it doesn’t talk about Volkswagen as a brand,” he added.

Bhatt said they are looking forward to new seasons and will start working towards it once things go back to normal after the lockdown. The show is streaming on Disney+Hotstar under the select pics category.

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