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#FightingCoronavirus: Vivo India salutes healthcare professionals

Executed by Dentsu Impact, the film showcases the efforts and resilience of doctors and frontline health workers, who are leaving no stone unturned to fight the global pandemic

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Vivo India, the smartphone brand, released a new digital film titled “Heroes Who Care”, saluting doctors and frontline health workers who are relentlessly fighting the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Executed by Dentsu Impact, the film aims to remind people that while we are locked in the safety of our homes and are practising social distancing, there is a section of society that has undertaken the most daunting of tasks. They are out there, fighting it out every single moment and are making sacrifices above and beyond their call of duty.

They truly are our real heroes and we should be thankful to them for their courage, determination, selflessness, optimism and forthcoming nature in overcoming the global crisis. In this emotionally driven digital film, Vivo India showcases the efforts and resilience of healthcare professionals who are leaving no stone unturned to fight this global pandemic.

Doctors and nurses across India are working round the clock, making sacrifices beyond their call of duty. This film is an effort to applaud the community that is taking on this global crisis.

As a part of Vivo India’s CSR initiative, they also donated over 2 lakh surgical and N95 masks to support these heroes and plan to donate more.

Nipun Marya, Director Brand Strategy, Vivo India, said, “Doctors and frontline medical staff are showing tremendous courage in combating the global pandemic. With this digital film, we at Vivo India would like to truly thank these real heroes in white, blue and green capes and salute them for fronting this battle so we can stay safe.”

Anupama Ramaswamy, National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact, said, “The idea revolves around a simple truth — when the world is in danger, it looks to its heroes to save it. Heroes may exist in myths, but today, in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, they exist in real life. They are the doctors, nurses and medical staff sacrificing everything and thinking above their safety in order to save lives. This film is an ode to their fighting spirit, and the fact that they are the ones who are giving the rest of us hope.”

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