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Sri Adhikari Brothers’ digital content production platform Happii Digital to explore regional content

Happii Digital is also focusing on growing its YouTube channel Happii Fi. Kailash Adhikari, Director, Happii Digital and Broadcasting Network, tells about the company’s future plans and his vision for the brand

Happii Digital, a digital content producing platform for Sri Adhikari Brothers, is eyeing at regional content. “There is a huge potential for regional content. In the coming two years, you will see regional content from our end,” said Kailash Adhikari, Director, Happii Digital and Broadcasting Network.

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“We would like to make content for a wide diaspora. At the end of the day, good content will earn me money and fame,” Adhikari said. 

On how they have differentiated from other digital content producers, Adhikari said he believed providing the right content at the right time is essential. He said they focus on researching what the audience wants. 

“We differentiate by knowing the kind of content that the audience wants. A lot of analysis and research goes into it. Since we come from a business perspective, we see what kind of content is needed. That’s how we differentiate. And providing content at the right time to the right audience is very essential,” he said. 

Speaking about Happii Fi, their YouTube channel launched in 2017 has almost 0.5 million subscribers. “What I believe is that before you do any kind of marketing, your content should be right. We have got the content right and if you see, without spending any money we have more than 0.5 million subscribers which speak about the quality of content. We would focus on delivering the right content through it,” Adhikari said. 

Talking about the YouTube channel that provides content in the comedy genre, Adhikari said they have carried forward the legacy of television with the changing times. “When we launched SAB TV around 20 years ago, cable TV was the biggest platform. Soap operas were so dominant at that time that to break the clutter, we came up with comedy. The idea at Happi Fi today is to replicate the same on the web with comedy. You see a lot of romantic and slice-of-life content on the web. As the name suggests, Happi Fi, it gives out happiness,” he added.

He said they have plans to grow the channel through branded content in the future. “Currently on our YouTube channel, branded content is at a baby stage with a few hours of content put in. Now that strategy is to add more hours of content on it, which we are in the process of doing. When it reaches a formidable number of hours on the platform, then I will go to advertisers,” he said. 

He said they do have plans of venturing into the digital space as a platform with Happii Fi. “I would definitely like to grow my YouTube channel Happii Fi; although it’s on YouTube it is my IP. As an IP owner I would like to grow it more, and then somewhere down the lane if the time feels right I may convert Happii Fi into OTT but that is not on the cards right now,” he said. 

Adhikari spoke about the legacy of the company and said they would take it forward with the changing times. “We carry the legacy of our fathers and people look at us with certain regard. There is a certain amount of belief that comes with this legacy. We are here to take the legacy and continue with the changing times. It is on us to deliver good content and justify the fact that we carry our legacy. After this, the content we create will speak. Obviously there is an affinity and trust on the brand name. It is on us to continue it further not only for us but for the generation after us,” he said.

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