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Kriti Sanon is the new face of ITC Vivel

Vivel announces its association with Sanon with a campaign for its cooling portfolio of soaps and bodywash. Conceptualised by Brand David, the film encourages women to make their own choices and live a life of no compromise

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ITC’s personal care brand Vivel has signed Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon as its brand ambassador.  Vivel with its philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin encourages women to not compromise with their choices and their dreams. Sanon embodies the brand persona and is a leading role model for young women.

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 Vivel announced its association with Sanon with a campaign for its cooling portfolio of soaps and body wash. With ingredients like Mint and Cucumber, Vivel promises a refreshing bathing experience with the onset of summer.

Sanon as the brand ambassador for Vivel encourages women to make their own choices and live a life of no compromise.

The film conceptualised by Brand David, opens in a busy traffic jam with Sanon as the Traffic Police officer in the sweltering summer heat. Sanon portrays the progressive and confident woman who refuses to succumb to everyday sexist jibes, voicing a befitting quick comeback, while she continues to keep her cool.

The brand message goes beyond beauty to address attitude and behaviour towards women and personifies a nuanced perspective of self-confidence that inspires the protagonist to voice her opinion and handle the situation with wit.

Sanon, shared her excitement on being the new face of Vivel, “I am excited and proud to be associated with leading personal care brand ITC Vivel and look forward to joining the brand's strong purpose-driven journey through its initiative Ab Samjhauta Nahin.  The brand's core narrative of being more than just a beauty discourse makes it extremely fulfilling for me to associate myself with both the product and the philosophy. Vivel's beauty is real and uncompromising and hence being the Vivel woman comes very naturally to me. As a woman with a voice, I have achieved my dreams through my uncompromising spirit. It indeed is great that I get to be associated with brand that strives to help young women find their voice and inspire them to say ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin’.”

Sameer Satpathy, Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said, “Kriti is one of the most dynamic new age Bollywood actors. Vivel with its philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin seeks to inspire women to question the limits they've been conditioned into accepting, challenge status quo and therefore enrich their lives with confidence and fulfilment.”

The Vivel Cool Mint variant offers a refreshing aroma with a long-lasting fragrance, and offers a minty freshness that hydrating the skin while getting rid of the dirt and grime that settles in, causing build up through the course of the day.

Rooted in its core brand philosophy Ab Samjhauta Nahin, Vivel, continues to empower and educate women to challenge stereotypes and help enable self-action. Vivel actively stands in support of equality and believes that for a more equal life, awareness and education is the first step to empowerment.

Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin is working relentlessly towards women empowerment. It has co-created a programme with Azad Foundation to help empower women feminist leaders at the grassroots level. Parvaz – Ab Samjhauta Nahin Feminist Leadership Programme in its third year now has helped more than 40 underprivileged urban poor women in Delhi to graduate and impact lives of more than 50,000 women in their communities.

ITC Vivel also continues to support organisations that are fighting to end sex trafficking of women and girls. 

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