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#FightingCorona: #Arm Worldwide, Huami Amazfit launch WhatsApp helpline for doctors and hospitals

They donated high-quality N95 masks and protective suits to multiple hospitals, and announced a donation to MP Mahesh Sharma in Noida for helping people fighting against the coronavirus pandemic

#Arm Worldwide, a Gurgaon-based digital marketing and communication consultancy, in support with a global technology leader, Huami Amazfit, a biometric and activity data-driven company, has announced the launch of a dedicated Whatsapp helpline for doctors and hospitals who are in need of hygiene supply and high-quality masks.

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They already donated high-quality N95 masks and some protective suits to multiple hospitals, including AIIMS New Delhi, Manipal Hospital. They also announced a donation to MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma in Noida for helping people fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

“On behalf of Huami, we are open for all requests from doctors and hospitals or any government authority for providing support for various hygiene essentials and supply. I have converted my alternative no. for this cause and interested authorities can directly reach out to our WhatsApp support line +91-85954 38550,” said Honey Singh, CEO, #Arm Worldwide.

“With a belief that Covid-19 doesn’t go out of control in India, we want to extend our support to the government authorities and leading hospitals who are working really well during this tough time when the nation is facing a shortage of masks and hygiene essentials. We are thankful to Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Member of Parliament and also a noble doctor by profession, for giving us a chance to work towards this social cause and give our utmost contribution during this hard time,” said CP Khandelwal, CEO, PR Innovations, (Managing India Business Amazfit).

“Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic by WHO. In this time of health emergency, every health facility requires personal protective equipment and logistics. During this crisis, PR Innovations has extended a gesture of compassion and humanity by donating N-95 masks required by clinical staff and paramedics,” said Dr Jitendra Sodhi, Assistant Professor, Department of Hospital Administration, AIIMS, New Delhi.

“Celebrating the human spirit of aid and positivity to combat the Covid-19 pandemic through this generous gesture, Manipal Hospital, Dwarka, gives heartfelt thanks to Huami Amazfit, PR Innovations and Honey Singh, CEO, #Arm Worldwide, for donating N-95 masks to us at this tough time,” said Pramod Alagharu, CEO, Manipal Hospitals Dwarka.

Huami Amazfit, a global technology leader that faced a tough time due to the Covid-19 outbreak in China, understands the current situation in India and extends this donation as a gesture of care and well-being of Indian masses. The organisation is already working with various NGOs in China and wants to extend open support to the Indian Government for any future donation requests.

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