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We want to run a sprint and double revenue in two years, says TheSmallBigIdea’s Harikrishnan Pillai

In an interaction with, the Founder of the full service digital agency talks about its six-year journey and future expansion plans, and how storytelling, platform-based performance marketing and analytics are key strengths agencies need to succeed

Harikrishnan Pillai

In the last six years of its existence, TheSmallBigIdea has had several challenges — the foremost of them was to compete with big network agencies to win businesses.

The agency’s Co-Founder Harikrishnan Pillai says competing against big agencies never bothered him. His only concern was that the agency must get its fundamentals right, which are also the differentiating factors.

The co-founder says that the small or the big ideas behind the agency’s existence are: great content, the storytelling and understanding the technology right.

In the six years of its existence, the full service digital agency has more or less mastered these fundamentals. And it is pretty evident from the business growth that it has seen. In the last few months, it has acquired eight new businesses.

Talking about the future areas of growth, Pillai said that his commandments would be storytelling, platform-based performance marketing and analytics. “These are the three strengths any agency will need. They can either build it on their own or acquire it,” he said.

“Agencies need to hire people who can tell great stories, understand analytics and can run great performance marketing campaigns,” he said.

Explaining his agency’s growth strategy, Pillai said, “The plan is to run a sprint rather than just staying afloat. As a part of our strategy, we will try and sustain the acquired business. Explore our strength to capture more in areas such as content, analytics and entertainment and work in areas and with brands that we haven’t had.”

Targeting to double revenue in two years

The agency, which has clients in categories such as BFSI, tourism, education, entertainment and sports, aims to double its revenue.

According to Pillai, the agency’s media business, content studio business and TSBI Bharat will together contribute 50% of targeted growth. The remaining will be driven by other businesses.

Pillai said that the agency’s primary focus has been TSBI Bharat, under which it targets users whose first language is not English.

The agency expects growth of 30-35% in the next three years from the segment. Under the Bharat initiative, the agency wants to help brands reach the next 100 million digital users. With focus on content localisation across the digital landscape, TSBI Bharat enables brands to engage with audiences more effectively.

The agency is also strengthening its relations with neo -social platforms to target the non-English-speaking customers.

“We are strengthening our relations with neo-social platforms that are growing in tier II and III markets. We are trying to understand their resources and the data points available with them to benefit the brands,” he said.

Apart from this, the agency is working on an ACE tool that looks at social listening, which listens to the conversation across platforms and marries it with enterprise data to tell what kind of content is most likely to work.

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