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Tech Mahindra launches energy-efficient website

Tech Mahindra has revamped the website with Grapes Digital with an aim of reducing global carbon footprint. The revamped website has three different features to help consumers save energy

Tech Mahindra, which offers innovative and customer-centric information technology experiences, has launched an energy-efficient website, contributing to reducing the global carbon footprint.


The newly revamped website has three different features that together contribute to energy saving. The first interesting feature is ‘Dark Mode’. When a consumer activates this mode, and if he is inactive on the website for over 30 seconds, the screen goes black on the ‘Energy Saving Mode’. Secondly, people have the option to adjust brightness on the website itself and finally they can activate the ‘Hibernate Mode’ while they are not looking at the site. Together, all these features help a consumer save energy. The developers of the website have put a mechanism in place to calculate the energy saved on the webpage on a real-time basis.

The key idea behind creating this feature was to reflect that innovation is at the heart of Tech Mahindra.

The new design is well optimised, clutter-free, easily navigable and device responsive. It clearly establishes the brand’s core philosophy of being the digital changemakers by keeping technology at the forefront.

The newly designed website showcases the offerings of Tech Mahindra, how the brand has effected a change across the industries with its technology, innovations, plans for the future and organisational culture that transcend into greatness.

All these sections on the website have been supported with hi-res images, reports, embedded videos and impactful content, to bring forward the work done by the brand across the industries.

The website is self-explanatory and clearly establishes the brand’s leadership in its category. It acts as an effective touchpoint for the consumers to know more about the brand.

Meenu Bagla, Head Global Brand, Digital and Field Marketing, Tech Mahindra, said, “We are extremely happy to have partnered with Grapes Digital on this project. Our synergies clearly matched as the team understood the brand’s DNA and what we aimed to achieve with this endeavour. The idea of a sustainable and energy efficient website is very unique and clearly reflects Tech Mahindra’s values.”

Grapes Digital has worked with Tech Mahindra on this project.

Himanshu Arya, CEO and Founder, Grapes Digital, said, “We are extremely happy to have worked on this project and created an energy efficient website. Innovation is at the heart of Tech Mahindra, and hence the key idea was to ensure that the same should reflect in the website, which is the first touchpoint for any consumer. Hence, we decided to come up with this idea of a sustainable and energy efficient website.”

The website:

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