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Supr Daily launches first brand campaign

Conceptualised in collaboration with Famous Innovations and Chaser Films, the campaign highlights the emerging daily grocery delivery model. Supr Daily provides customers a convenient and reliable solution to access fresh groceries

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Supr Daily, a daily grocery delivery service, has launched its first brand campaign called ‘#BeSuprDaily’. Designed around four short digital videos, the campaign focuses on the introduction of a new category of daily grocery delivery that enables customers to buy fresh and eat fresh, every single day.

The films were rolled out across the brand’s digital and social media platforms. The videos depict what the family set up in a new, young India looks like: the new-age father for whom taking care of kids is a part of being a parent; the home where a woman working is not something to celebrate, but the norm.

The narrative of these videos focuses on real people and real stories. Stories inspired by Supr Daily customers. Through these insights, Supr Daily realised that their service is most useful to families in more ways than one. Whether it is a large family deciding what to get for breakfast the next day, a father who wants to make eating fruits fun for his child, or a working mom who worries about her family’s needs even when she’s out of town.

Puneet Kumar, Founder & CEO, Supr Daily, said, “At Supr Daily, we are aspiring to revolutionise the way India shops for groceries; ensuring that our customers not only buy fresh, but eat fresh too. We truly believe in offering consumers the convenience of no minimum order, delivering even a single apple or just a pack of curd. We understand that our customers lead very busy lives, and we want to do our part by simplifying it, enabling them to order as late as 11 pm, and delivering by 7 am the next day. This campaign does a beautiful job of establishing the category and highlights Supr Daily’s key offerings in our customers’ mind.”

With over two lakh daily orders across six cities, Supr Daily has established itself as the market leader in a very short span of time. With strong operations in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, Supr Daily has witnessed a 20-fold increase in monthly users in the last 10 months alone. The company has also recently refreshed their brand identity and launched a new logo to signify the brand’s core essence of helping the customer experience more, with less.

The #BeSuprDaily campaign was conceptualised and created in collaboration with Famous Innovations & Chaser Films.

The TVCs:

Home Or Away, Mom Saves The Day | Supr Daily - Groceries Delivered Daily | #BeSuprDaily

The New Age Dad | Supr Daily | Groceries Delivered Daily | #BeSuprDaily

Big Family, Big Breakfast! | Supr Daily - Groceries Delivered Daily | #BeSuprDaily

For Healthy Meals, For Cheat Meals | Supr Daily - Groceries Delivered Daily | #BeSuprDaily

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