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Here’s how Colors climbed the charts to be the top Hindi GEC explains how the channel’s all-round strategy across fiction and non-fiction during both weekdays and weekends has worked to its favour

Already riding on the strongest ever season of Bigg Boss, Hindi General Entertainment Channel (GEC) Colors refreshed its fiction content strategy starting December ’19 and it started showing its impact in the beginning of the year.

By the second week of the year, the channel reclaimed the top position among pay channels for the first time in the new tariff regime. Not only this, the channel increased its lead margin from the No. 2 in the third week.

According to the latest viewership data released by BARC India, Colors is the No. 1 Hindi GEC with a viewership of 520 million Impressions and has a market share of about 21% (Week 3, January 18-24, 2020 : HSM Urban : NCCS All : 2+ Individuals).

Dominating all day prime time with 365 million Impressions and 24.8% market share, the channel has become the premier prime time destination for viewers on both weekdays and weekends. It is a clear slot leader in 6 out of 12 all day prime time slots.

The channel also ranks No. 1 among 15+ All Adults and Hindi GEC core TG of Females 15+ (all day viewership).

The markets where the channel is a distant leader are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and key markets such as UP, PHCHPJK, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

A closer look at the latest viewership data shared by the channel shows the all-round performance by both fiction and non-fiction shows across the weekdays and weekends. The fiction shows that are delivering bounty for Colors are Naagin, Chotti Sardaarni, Shakti, Vidya and the recently launched Shubharambh.

Consistent investment in the right kind of content, along with strong marketing muscle, right distribution strategy and the right channel pricing in the light of the new tariff are among the topline reasons why Colors climbed the charts.

Bigg Boss gets bigger

In its 13th season, Bigg Boss is the No. 1 non-fiction property in the Hindi general entertainment category. The current season has reached out to more than 200 mn viewers across India across all its airing on both Colors SD and HD feed (Week 40’19 - Week 3’20).

Dominating the slot leadership on both weekdays and weekends, the show has seen a continuous growth week on week on both weekdays and weekends.

The show has grown by 63% on weekends and 59% on weekdays (Week 53’19-3’20 vs Week 40-44’19).

Naagin returns with more power

Colors launched the fourth season of its weekend show Naagin in Week 50’19. The show garnered 9.6mn Impressions in the launch episode making it the best launch of Hindi general entertainment category of 2019.

Since its launch, Naagin is the highest rated fiction show of the category with 7.9 mn Impressions (Avg. Week 50’19 – 3’20, all days).

Weekday fiction — a key to sustenance

Fiction shows run in hundreds of episodes and once they become a habit of viewers, they help the channel sustain the ratings. While Colors’ fiction shows Vidya, Chotti Sardaarni and Shakti are dominating viewership in their respective slots, the recently launched Shubharambh is gaining popularity.

Chotti Sardaarni continues to be among the top-3 weekday fiction shows (Avg. Week 49’19 - 3’20, Monday-Friday). The show has witnessed the best growth in the category with a 2.6x viewership from 2.9 mn Impressions (launch week) to 7.7 mn Impressions in the latest week (Week 27’19, Week 3’20, Monday-Friday).

Shakti features within the top-10 weekday fiction show list of the Hindi GEC (Avg. Week 49’19 - 3’20, Monday-Friday). The show has grown by 22% with leap, new characters and fresh look (Week 3’20 vs Week 52’19-2’20).

Other weekday shows Vidya and Shubharambh both have been growing slow and steady and continue to help Colors gain weekday primetime leadership.

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