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Five parameters to keep in mind for an optimal anti-ad fraud strategy

Moneka Khurana, Country Head, MMA India, cautions what factors marketers need to keep in mind to combat mobile ad fraud

Moneka Khurana

India accounts for 62% of Asia’s ad fraud expenditure, in spite of marketers adopting several preventive measures. However, recent reports encouragingly show that over 90% of Indian marketers are either already using, or planning to use preventive measures, against ad fraud. But again, fraudsters are inventing new methods and finding new loopholes to jump through every day, and marketers are, once again, left wondering how they can completely protect themselves against any fraudulent activities.

In such a conundrum, most marketers look towards external solutions to combat mobile ad fraud. In order to choose the optimal anti-fraud solutions for their brand, marketers must keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Real-time analysis and flagging off ad fraud

Ad fraud takes place 24x7. In order to really nip it in the bud, marketers must have real-time awareness of what is happening to their online spends. Marketers must check parameters on the basis of which viewability is tracked and measured. It is also imperative to include how their strategy will track valid human traffic. Aim at adopting a solution that would specify the grounds on which any traffic is flagged as fraudulent, as this will help build smarter, more targeted lists of blacklisted media platforms. In turn, this will help in improving the efficiency of the programmatic traffic received by any ad campaign run by the marketer.

  1. Proactively blocking fraudulent activities

Marketers must adopt preventive measures that can actively block the fraudulent activities detected in any given mobile ad campaign. Choose an anti-fraud solution capable of figuring out the true domains and originating apps of the ad traffic received. A capable service provider can help in not only identifying but also protecting against malicious sources that masquerade as publishing platforms and actively block these platforms from having access to any particular advertisement or ad space.

  1. Periodic analysis of ad fraud trends

In order to accurately analyse the changing ad fraud trends, the prevention measures chosen must specialise in combating mobile and video ad fraud. Numerous types of fraud methods crop up every day, and marketers need to be aware of exactly which of these methods their brand and advertisements are most susceptible to. Marketers must opt for a solution or prevention provider wherein the data science and analysis teams are ever ready for conducting customer analyses, data deep drives and other customised reporting needs of a marketer. Such provisions help in carrying out detailed, brand-specific analyses of constantly advancing ad fraud trends, and helps in identifying potential fraud situations before they occur.

  1. Transparency between the brand and vendor

Marketers constantly need to know how much their average expenditure on ad fraud is. In order to truly understand their position from a market perspective, they must go for an anti-fraud solution that practices transparency at all stages of its interaction with any platform. Many marketers believe that the lack of transparency among the different elements of the mobile ad publishing chain is the leading cause for increasing fraudulent practices in the mobile marketing industry. A suitable fraud prevention solution would provide information and data about all stages of the advertisement, be equipped to navigate complex traffic optimisation processes, would have a direct relationship with publishing platforms, therefore reducing a brand’s susceptibility to ad fraud. Prevention measures built on transparency are the ones that enable marketers to understand the various processes of programmatic advertising, hence strengthening them against the malicious practice.

  1. Customised solutions as one size doesn’t fit all

Protection against ad fraud isn’t only about finding the ‘right’ measures, or adopting the most popular and sought-after solution in the market; it is about identifying the needs of your brand and then choosing the solution that fits best. Instead of following popular choices or going for whatever the competition opts for, assess options based on the amount of continuous education a particular preventive measure can provide on the intricacies of fraud prevention methods that are right for your brand.  Solutions aimed at consistently driving brands towards valid, high-quality traffic optimisation through custom-made solutions are the best method to ensure reduced ad fraud expenditure.

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