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To ring in New Year with hope and positivity, Dentsu’s Titus Upputuru creates music video

Making use of some extended weekends, Upputuru has donned many hats in the spiritual number titled ‘Hope is Rising’— from writing the song, to singing it and finally shooting for it

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Despite having a hectic work schedule as the National Creative Director at Dentsu One, Titus Upputuru has found the time to create a music video that sends out a message of hope in these despairing times. Titled ‘Hope is Rising’, he has shared the video just before 2020 ends to ring in the New Year with hope, optimism and positivity. 

Coming across an inspiring verse from The Holy Bible, Upputuru wanted to share the message with others through music.


Speaking to, Upputuru said, “One morning I was reading Psalm 146 and the beginning three verses moved me. The message was very clear and powerful — ‘Do not fear even if mountains move into the sea, or the earth begins to sink’. I thought whatever one was going through because of the pandemic was nothing in comparison. Then on, there was no fear of any kind. This is how I wanted to reflect on the year. Going forward there should be hope, so that 2021 drives us to more optimism and positivity.”

Making use of some extended weekends, Upputuru has donned many hats in this spiritual number — from writing the song, to singing it and finally shooting for it. His friends have also pitched in to help create the video. Musician and his friend, Hanif Shaikh, motivated him to write the song and later composed the music. “When I first heard the rough track on my headphones, I was literally dancing in my room! The track moved me so powerfully! I told him I am going to sing it,” he said. 


His friends fulfilled other roles. While the video is produced by Shurjo Das, Amjad Khan was the sound engineer and his brother Alfred Luther went behind the camera. “He came over to the studio and shot me singing. Just like that, there was no prep or anything. After that, he took me to some lovely greens near his place and shot me there. I was so immersed in the song all the while, I just went with the experience,” he said.

Also the Creative Head at Taproot Dentsu Gurgaon, Upputuru has created several videos for brands, but this is the first time he has created one personally. He always enjoyed singing and has even written many songs since childhood. “I used to sing a lot as a child. I used to sing at home, in school, in the church and even wrote a lot of songs,” his friends said.

The video has received over 16,000 views in the last four days and he has already received requests for future collaborations.

“After seeing the video, a childhood friend of mine has reached out to me from Kalimpong for a collaboration. God willing, I will create more such videos. If I am inspired, I would like to send out more messages of hope, peace and deliverance. I just want people to be encouraged and uplifted through this video,” he said.


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