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Mankind Pharma’s AcneStar Facewash says be comfortable in your skin, embrace haters as they keep a tab on you

The campaign #ThankYouHaters, conceptualised by Grapes digital, says thank haters for all hate comments as they are not haters but are fans for keeping a keen eye on your day-to-day life

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AcneStar Facewash from the house of Mankind Pharma has come up with ‘Thank You Haters’ campaign to fight the rise in online trolling on social media. The video campaign launched by AcneStar Facewash showcases four influencers who have faced online trolling. In the video, the influencers are happily dancing, enjoying themselves and thanking their haters for all the hate comments and are saying that they are not haters but they are fans for keeping a keen eye on their day-to-day life.

Through the campaign, AcneStar Facewash wants to spread the message among people, ‘do not step back, do not let these hate comments affect you and always be comfortable in your skin. People will troll you and pass negative comments, but the fact they are following you and keeping a tab on you, shows their interest in what you are doing’.


Joy Chatterjee, GM, Sales and Marketing,  Mankind Pharma, said, “India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets globally, online trolling, violence and abuse has become a common place on social media. Through this campaign, we would like to highlight the rise in online trolling and being an anti-acne facewash, we have come across so many hate comments on social media, where people comment on the skin and appearance of an individual. This campaign is to set back the online trollers the way AcneStar Facewash fights with acne, the biggest enemy of skin. Through #ThankYouHaters campaign AcneStar has taken an initiative to urge people not to troll anyone and build an online trolling free community.”

The campaign #ThankYouHaters is conceptualised and executed by Grapes digital, an integrated communications agency. The video was shot using 11 different sets showcasing the effort of influencers finding the right spot always.


Shradha Agarwal, COO and Strategy Head, Grapes Digital, said, “When celebrities and influencers put themselves for public consumption, they are very strong headed and are ready for feedback. But when it really happens and it goes to another level of being mean, I have seen them breaking down, crying their heart out. It’s not funny and I don’t see anyone has the right to do this. Despite of multiple influencers stating the same on screen and requesting people to stop trolling, people just don’t stop. So, we thought of this idea where we are not asking them to stop, instead thanking them so that they get embarrassed to the edge.”

AcneStar is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial facewash that fight with the biggest enemy of skin and gives a beautiful clear skin, free from acne.

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