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HT Smartcast completes a year, runs a campaign to honour team’s hard work

The experiences of various team members along with their pictures were posted on social media to recognise their efforts

HT Smartcast, a podcast producing platform, has completed one year. Believing that the success is a result of the efforts of the HT Smartcast team in the past year, and celebrating its first anniversary, HT Smartcast ran a campaign to honour the team work that has gone behind the scenes. The experiences of various team members along with their pictures were posted on social media to recognise their sincere efforts.

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Ramesh Menon, Chief Business Officer, HT Media Ltd., said, “HT Smartcast had a clear objective: to offer an immersive online audio experience to consumers through podcasts. These podcasts are laced with authentic storytelling, likable hosts and fresh insights.”

He said, “We wanted to give life to our greatest strength — content. As we complete a year, I can proudly say we have managed to do it with great success. Our 130+ shows across genres is a testimony to that. I look forward to more problems to solve, lessons to learn and experiences to enjoy!”


Deepti Ahuja, Podcast Producer, HT Smartcast, said, “There have been lots of exciting additions in our portfolio. We recently launched Tich Button, which is our first Punjabi podcast. We added amazing content pieces in the areas of Leadership and Branding, including HT Smartcast Leadership Lessons and Personal Branding Building Blocks. And now that sports has made a comeback, apart from producing a successful podcast — Khelo Jee Jaan Se — with Olympic athletes in association with Inspire Institute of Sports, JSW, we've also launched Kicks for Free for football fans out there! We are coming up with more exciting content like Dreamers and Unicorns V2.0 with Abhijit Bhaduri very soon!”

HT Smartcast encompasses specially curated podcasts across HT Media’s businesses such as Mint, Hindustan Times, livehindustan, Fever FM, Radio Nasha, Radio One and Health Shots. HT Smartcast produces podcasts covering a variety of genres like politics, news, entertainment, mythology, lifestyle, etc.


Combining the energy of Fever FM and the credibility of HT Media Group, HT Smartcast allows listeners to delve deep into topics and understand them without having to set aside time reading or watching a video. The audio content offered by HT Smartcast is comprehensive and short, a perfect companion to your daily commutes and busy routines. It has over 130 shows across 40+ genres and over 15 million listens. 

Podcasts produced by HT Smartcast are admired in cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Indore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and others. It has a global listenership in Australia, Canada, Germany, UAE, US, UK and many other countries.


All HT Smartcast productions are easily accessible on major streaming platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Kuku FM, Pratilipi FM, Hubhopper and more.

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