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Red FM changes stationality to 93.Dry Red FM for a day

With the ‘Paani Yaad Dila Denge’ campaign, the radio network informed people about harvesting RO water and how they can use wastewater from purifiers for purposes other than drinking and bathing

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Radio network Red FM launched its last leg of its ‘Paani Yaad Dila Denge’ campaign, informing people about RO water harvesting. Supporting the cause, the radio network had changed their stationality for a day on December 30 to ‘93.Dry Red FM’.

To make listeners aware about the ground-water level, Red FM placed a daily reminder during their morning show.

Sensitising the topic of water scarcity in Delhi, Red FM has been working on different aspects of this campaign for the past six months. Reports suggest that RO purifiers are essential in every urban household. However, the amount of wastewater from RO purifiers exceeds the amount of water that is purified by around three times. Additionally, due to the high content of Total Dissolved Solids, this water becomes unsuitable for drinking and is not recommended for bathing. Nevertheless, there is a variety of areas in which one can make use of this water, such as watering plants, cleaning floor, car/bike wash, etc. The last leg of ‘Paani Yaad Dila Denge’ highlights this crucial piece of knowledge with a message ‘Hum badal rahe hain taaki aap bhi badlo aur paani save karna shuru karo.

Nisha Narayanan

Nisha Narayanan, COO and Director, Red FM and Magic FM, said, “India is in the grip of an unprecedented water crisis with a majority of Delhi-NCR areas reeling under drought-like conditions. Our initiative 'Pani Yaad Diladenge' aimed to spread the message across to all our listeners. Now, as we enter the last phase of this campaign, we intend to create awareness about RO water harvesting as well. We are confident that this initiative will mark the beginning of a safe and sustainable approach towards water conservation."

From listeners posting selfies with the hashtag #MugShots at Pi-Lo water ATMs to collaborating with the Delhi Government to fix water leakages, Delhiites participated in the campaign ‘Paani Yaad Dila Denge’. In addition, RJ Raunac conversed with Arvind Kejriwal on the grave issue of water scarcity, who then extended his support to this campaign.

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