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NatureFresh Acti Heart asks consumers to #StartAHeartResolution

Conceptualised by Wavemaker, the campaign encourages consumers to adhere to their New Year resolution by picking one which is easy to stick to — that is to take care of their heart

NatureFresh Acti Heart, the newest offering of Cargill’s edible oils business in India, has launched a digital campaign, #StartAHeartResolution. This time of the year, social media is flooded with conversations around New Year resolutions for the next year but sticking to one is a different story altogether.

Built around this very premise, the campaign by NatureFresh Acti Heart looks to encourage consumers to adhere to their New Year resolution by picking one which is easy to stick to — that is to take care of their heart.

Positioned as a cooking oil that takes better heart care, NatureFresh Acti Heart aims to educate consumers on the importance of taking care of their heart early. This will go a long way in helping consumers start their new year with a resolution to take care of their heart, one they can stick to, all year long. NatureFresh Acti Heart takes better heart care+ with its power of five warriors, namely, Omega-3, MUFA, Vitamin A, D, E, oryzanol and an ideal omega 6: omega 3 ratios. NatureFresh Acti Heart has also been accredited by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for having the ideal Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio, reiterating it is a healthy oil for consumers. Its high smoking point makes it ideal for all types of Indian cooking — sautéing as well as frying.

The highlight of the campaign is an interesting AV that comprises three montages all depicting relatable scenarios showcasing how difficult it is to maintain New Year resolutions. However, we can choose to begin the New Year by starting a heart resolution with NatureFresh Acti Heart which is easy to keep. The videos feature three protagonists and their alter egos talking to each other. Using relevant instances that people experience in their day-to-day lives, such as resisting the urge to eat a pizza, delaying your exercise regimen or the inability to work out, the campaign uses the phrase ‘Kal Se Pakka’ as an emotion that we all face in our daily lives when it comes to sticking to our goals. The brand, thus, persuades the consumers to take the right decision when it comes to their health and food choices in the next year. Given how difficult it is to stick to a New Year resolution, the brand through this campaign asks consumers to start with an easy one — that is to switch to NatureFresh Acti Heart and #StartAHeartResolution.

Subin Sivan, Marketing Head, Cargill’s oils business in India, said, “December and January are the months where a lot of conversation happens around New Year resolutions. Considering how digital ecosystem thrives on topical content, this posed as a perfect opportunity for the brand to engage with the consumers in a relevant manner. We all know that sticking to your resolution is not quite as easy as making one. This forms the basis for the new ActiHeart campaign, which captures micro-moments in our lives when we struggle with our resolutions. In order to encourage consumers to stick to their resolutions, the campaign encourages them to start easy with a heart resolution in 2020 by switching to a better heart oil, #StartAHeartResolution with Nature Fresh ActiHeart.”

Karthik Nagarajan, CCO, Wavemaker, said, “This Nature Fresh campaign for New Year came as a welcome challenge to us, as not many clients take the plunge to stay culturally relevant to the audience. The brief was to showcase the brand fit in the consumer’s daily life and build brand awareness so that the campaign has a high recall value. Instead of going the broader way of keeping health or fitness resolutions, we narrowed it down by inviting them to take an easy resolution to #StartAHeartResolution with NatureFresh Acti Heart. The colloquial phrase ‘Kal se pakka’ used by the protagonists in the films certainly resonates with the people. Co-curating such interesting pieces of work at Cargill helps push the envelope to achieve greater milestones.”

This digital campaign is being highlighted across Facebook, YouTube and other popular digital platforms. Since its launch, the campaign has already reached 13.5 mn consumers and garnered views of 12 mn.

Client: NatureFresh Acti Heart, Cargill
Creative Agency: Quasar Media, Delhi
Account Management: Sukanya Paul Chatterjee; Karan Rao; Nikita Rajput
Creative: Shubhangini and Kamlesh
Production House: WhiteBalance

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