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Focus on TV and digital advertising, Too Yumm! reveals expansion plans for 2020

Anupam Bokey, Chief Marketing Officer, RPSG-FMCG, talks about the snack brand’s marketing and growth strategy. He says the brand will target the under-15 age group by launching low-priced products and new regional taste variants

Anupam Bokey

Snacking brand Too Yumm!, a part of the RPSG Group, has launched a series of initiatives to expand its base in 2020.

The brand that has been positioned in the healthy snacking category will soon expand its TG in the under-15 age category, along with strengthening the distribution chain.

The brand will also focus heavily on TV and digital to reach out to consumers.

In an interaction with, Anupam Bokey, CMO, RPSG-FMCG, shared the growth strategy of the brand.

“The idea is to get the reach at a reasonable cost. Thus, TV actually becomes a primary channel or medium for that. We use digital to target youngsters who may not be watching TV or do not watch TV actively and also to drive stronger engagement for the brand,” he said.

Asked if the brand plans to increase its ad spends this year, he said, “In the initial years, we had invested significantly higher than our size. Now, going forward, investment would be the right size because the brand has established some facets of it already. So, we don’t have to go overboard but we should be able to optimise the investments in any medium. Having said that, we are certainly staying where the consumers are far more conscious and aware. E-commerce is a big space for us and in the regional play, the new flavours campaign can help us stay really looking downstream with low-priced packs.”

The brand has unveiled its latest marketing campaign themed ‘Har Craving Ka Jawaab’ with brand ambassador Virat Kohli. The four part ad campaign reveals India’s favourite flavours, according to Kohli, which are: Noodle Masala, Dahi Papdi Chaat, Chilli Chataka and Chilli Achaari. The ad series is conceptualised by Mullen Lintas Mumbai. The three TVCs are already out and the fourth will be released this week.

First TVC:

Second TVC:

Third TVC:

Being a national campaign, the brand plans to run this for maximum six weeks. With TV as the main channel, it has digital support as well. Bokey said that the investment is not large in the ad series as January and February are lean months from the media investment point of view for the snacking category.

Having established a strong core around ‘healthy bingeing’, Too Yumm! through the campaign now wants to address the primary driver of the snacking industry — taste, with a belief that an offering with strong taste and health benefits is an unbeatable combination in the Indian snacking category.

The series showcases Kohli in various roles and situations, from driving a young couple who are craving for Chilli Achaari on a road trip, reminiscing about old college memories and ‘hostel wale’ noodles, having a chaat craving during movie nights to adding a hint of Chilli Chataka to a formal dinner.

The brand plays in the western snacking category, which is as big as almost Rs 28,000 crore nationally. Being a new brand in the market, Bokey said that the focus is to target top 60-100 towns though its distribution. In metros, the brand claims to have 5% market share and 2.1% nationally, combing the rural as well.

Referring to 2019 as a slow year for the category because of macro trends, he said the brand tried correcting itself at the ground level. As 55% of sales is driven by low-priced packs, the brand had launched a Rs 5 pack, expanding the distribution. “Now we have seen that our transactions per month have significantly gone up as compared to where we were. So at the ground level, we have corrected ourselves,” he said.

This year, Bokey predicted that large players will continue to invest heavily. The regional players are exhibiting national ambitions and making forward investments to take their brands to the national level. Apart from this, the health trend is strong and is only accelerating.

“From the brand’s perfection point of view we are very strongly differentiated on health. However, we are not great on taste level and that is what we want to build. We believe the Rs 5 kind of a pack will be built better if proposed on taste. Secondly, we have been targeting the 15-30 age block in terms of TG. But there is a large market for below 15. We didn't have the right product portfolio for them but we have one product, which is Puffs. Even the flavours are much aligned to what kids like. We have a lot to do this year in terms of product portfolio expansion for kids,” he added.

Apart from that, Bokey said the brand’s revenue is fairly aligned to the category size. The brand had earlier stated it was eyeing Rs 600 crore in yearly revenue. Bokey said north is the biggest market for the brand followed by the rest. Having made its presence felt already in markets like Oman, Dubai and Nepal, it recently has made its first shipment to Australia.

“We were getting a lot of requests from these international market and regions from importers. We haven't made a serious investment in these markets. We want to stay in relevant markets wherever there is a strong Indian diaspora. We don't want to go too far from India because manufacturing is still based in India and our products have low shelf life. We will stay focused in these few markets only in this year,” he said.

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