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The top 5 reputation management consultants in the United States

Relevance fades for most digital influencers, so remaining a constant in this ever-changing industry is an impressive achievement all its own. Here are the top-ranked Reputation Management professionals dominating the field in the United States and worldwide

25 years ago, we primarily formed our opinions of the individuals and corporations we interacted with through our face-to-face interactions. But, in the era of online reviews and social media dominance, people and companies now view each other through the lens of their digital presence. This major shift in the way we form impressions, and further act on them, propelled the Reputation Management Industry to the forefront of the digital marketing, hospitality, and public relations fields. In the last two decades, Online Reputation Management has evolved from an elite service only attained by celebrities to an industry utilized by everyone from CEOs to the general public.

The Reputation Management Industry has been constantly growing and evolving since its inception in the early 2000’s. These 5 Reputation Management Consultants have been prominent in the ORM space throughout this evolution. Relevance fades for most digital influencers, so remaining a constant in this ever-changing industry is an impressive achievement all its own. Here are the top-ranked Reputation Management professionals dominating the field in the United States and worldwide.

1. Hersh Davis-Nitzberg - Reputation Control Inc.

As one of the pioneers of the Online Reputation Management industry, Hersh has been recognized and featured in many large publications. He rose in the industry during its infancy in 2007 and has been an industry leader ever since.

As the Founder and CEO of Reputation Control Inc., Davis-Nitzberg is a sought-after consultant to high-level executives and large corporations, as well as a go-to for prominent figures in the entertainment industry

While Reputation Control Inc excels at reputation monitoring and control, their expertise goes beyond content suppression - Hersh uses a heightened hands-on approach to focus on overall brand message and proactive reputation building. The main client demographic for Reputation Control Inc is successful, high net-worth individuals looking to strengthen their online presence. Hersh's breadth of experience in brand and crisis management is what consistently ranks him at the top of this industry

2. Brian Patterson - Go Fish Digital

As one of the foremost influencers in Online Reputation Management, Brian Patterson has worked with some of the worlds largest organizations. He has been featured as an expert regularly in both national and local news publications. Brian has over 10 years of digital marketing experience as the partner and co-founder of Go Fish Digital. He writes about the digital marketing side of the industry for many well-respected blogs and publications and remains a respected influencer in the SEO space. Brian’s forward-facing presence makes him an undeniably prominent player in the Reputation Management scene.

3. Michael Fertik –

Fertik is another pioneer in the online reputation industry, credited with founding in 2006. Fertik is well known for his views on respecting people’s privacy.

His company is recognized within the industry for specializing in small to mid-sized companies, as well as individuals with lower levels of recognition. Their platform is widely recognized as one of the top reputation monitoring platforms on the market, with a focus on detecting unwanted online search results. While focuses less on suppression and proactive management, their success in the monitoring side of the reputation world makes Michael a notable name.

4. Ken Wisnefski – WebiMax

While Ken Wisnefski is generally less well-known in the industry, he is still an influential resource within the Online Reputation Management world. As the founder and CEO of WebiMax, a company that deals in all areas of digital marketing, Ken has found himself strategically placed amongst other experts of ORM. Ken and his team have found their success primarily with small businesses. While other influencers in the digital space typically take a more standardized approach to Reputation Management, Ken continues to utilize more traditional SEO tactics, creating a more scalable cookie-cutter approach to content suppression. While this approach is less complicated then some of the techniques on our list, it has made Reputation Management accessible to a wider audience.

5. Eric Schiffer – Patriarch (Reputation Management Consultants)

While not the top of our list, we would be remiss to not mention Eric Schiffer, the founder of Reputation Management Consultants. Schiffer was already leveraged in the digital marketing industry, as the owner of SEOP, a small digital marketing agency, when in 2006 he started Reputation Management Consultants. At the time, the industry was still in his infancy.

Schiffer has cultivated a platform designed to automate Online Reputation Management tasks. He has created for himself a recognizable presence as an influencer with multiple appearances on major news outlets and quotes in multiple large online publications.

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