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HT Smartcast’s Jai Bajrangi gets 4.5 lakh listens in May

Currently, the podcast has over 100 shows across 40+ genres with 5.5mn+ listens

HT Smartcast is an umbrella property that encompasses specially curated podcasts across HT Media's businesses such as Hindustan Times, livemint, livehindustan, Fever FM, Radio Nasha, Radio One and Health Shots. The content categories HT Smartcast plays in span across genres such as politics, news, entertainment, mythology, lifestyle, etc.

Call for entries open for BuzzInContent Awards 2020 ENTER NOW


HT Smartcast has the energy of Fever FM and the credibility of Hindustan Times. It gives its listeners the ability to dive into a pool of topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a video. It offers audio content in smaller bite-sized chunks, perfect for daily commutes or busy routines. Currently, it is India’s largest podcast publisher with 100+ shows across 40+ genres with 5.5mn+ listens.

HT Smartcast brings to you its flagship podcast offering, ‘Jai Bajrangi’. It lets you be a part of Lord Hanuman’s stories and His divine adventures from the comfort of your home.  The episodes revolve around the love and devotion he had for Lord Rama and his beloved wife Sita. The podcast ranges from tales where he shape-shifted, lifted mountains and used his tail to burn down Lanka to his war-winning tactics that saved the lives and honor of many.

Referred to as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, Hanuman's devotion and heroics helped Lord Rama defeat Ravana in the battle that took place after Sita's abduction. The episodes of ‘Jai Bajrangi’ tell stories of the persistence of Hanuman to find Sita in order to curb his 'Prabhu's' miserable state caused by the same. The podcast beautifully describes how Hanuman braved several hurdles to ultimately reach Lanka and how he devoted his entire existence to Lord Rama.

Ramesh Menon, Chief Business Officer of HT Media, said, “Many of our devotional shows like Jai Bajrangi, Maa Durga and Sai Baba have done well for us. The beauty of such audio dramas is that they help in creating imagery in the listeners’ minds,” said Pragya Gulati, Partnerships Head of HT Smartcast. “Jai Bajrangi has been featured as one of our top 3 shows for the past four months with 4.5 lakh listens in May alone. This talks volumes about the top notch production quality of our show,” Gulati added.

The episode with maximum listens is “Bhagwan Shri Ram Ki Bhent”, which tells us the tale of the time when Lord Hanuman, along with Sugreev and the Vanar Sena, encountered Lord Shri Ram and Lakshman at the Rishyamukh Mountain.

Backed by good content, storytelling and production, Jai Bajrangi has become India’s top podcast for May. “Maximum listening of the show has happened on Jiosaavn app. Also, the maximum listeners are from tier-2 cities such as Patna, Indore, Lucknow, Pune, Jaipur and Ahmedabad,” Gulati said.  

The podcast is available on all podcasting platforms including HT Smartcast’s website, JioSaavn, gaana, spotify, hubhopper, Kuku FM and many others.

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