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Big FM starts Season 2.0 of ‘Onward & Upward - The Big FM Morning Show’

Offering the workforce fresh insight that further motivates and empowers them, Season 2.0 hosts function-specific speakers where the focus is on recovery and restarting of industries and economy

Radio network Big FM has entered the second season of ‘Onward & Upward – The Big FM Morning Show’, continuing to prepare its employees for opportunities and challenges that lay ahead, and taking the brand move beyond static learning and immediate field of view to take action-oriented perspectives.

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Offering the workforce fresh insight that further motivates and empowers them, Season 2.0 hosts function-specific speakers where the focus is on recovery and restarting of the respective industries and the economy at large. Doing so further equips and facilitates the employees with a fresh outlook from industry stalwarts, giving them a deeper understanding of emerging trends and how they are pertinent to each function and performance of a brand. Season 2.0 has speakers who are discerning experts sharing their acumen concerning specific functions such as programming, marketing, sales and solutions. Keeping the conversations highly interactive and engaging, each session is moderated by the senior leadership team of the network.

The network had recently introduced the show for its employees. The first season featured not only business leaders from the radio network but also over 30 stalwarts from various industries such as entertainment, FMCG, automobile and advertising among others who helped the employees learn, grow and upskill during the lockdown. 


Abraham Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, said, “Having inspired the workforce over the highly successful first season, we look towards bringing new ideas and perspectives that help raise spirits at the network. Each of these luminaries, with their spirit, drive, and insight can help us look at the situation from another perspective. As we open our minds to a host of fresh ideas and thoughts, we shall be able to discover new models and opportunities that not only see us sail through this storm but propel the radio network to new heights.”

Sunil Kumaran, Country Head, Product, Marketing  & THWINK Big, Big FM, who also moderated the first season, said, “These are indeed trying times for all of us. Through this property, our aim is to engage, inspire and motivate our employees to overcome the challenges that the current situation presents and prepare them for a new normal. We understand the anxieties and challenges that come with the ‘work from home’ policy amid the ongoing lockdown. In our endeavour to bring in new ideas and thoughts, we invite and host leading experts from their field whose insights and perspective can help us be better prepared for the challenges that lay ahead of us.”


Conducted over a one-hour long session via Google Meet, the show is attended by over 200 Big FM employees as they see these thought leaders speak about the various aspects of how to propel their business to greater heights. Towards the end of the session, each expert is presented with a ‘Gift of Music’ as a token of gratitude where the leader and their organisation can request and dedicate their favourite songs which are then played on-air during a dedicated hour.

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