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TBWA\India launches CEED for CEOs and Founders to sail through the Covid storm

The CEED team aims to identify what makes an organisation unique, what drives its vision, and what makes its employees want to come to work every day, even if it were virtually

The effects of Covid-19 can be seen everywhere. The deadly virus has not only challenged businesses and business models but has also made leaders and captains of companies take a closer look inside.

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The pandemic has accelerated the trend of CEOs looking much more closely at internal corporate culture as a powerful force for business transformation. Recognising this reality, TBWA\India has launched CEED, aimed at the C suite and the founder community, leaders who know that driven employees are the primary reason for businesses to succeed.

Working through the TBWA proprietary operating system of disruption, the CEED team aims to identify what makes an organisation unique, what drives its vision, and what makes its employees want to come to work every day, even if it were virtually.  Govind Pandey, CEO at TBWA\India, said, “Culture is the seed that every employee of an organisation should carry. When this seed has been sown, every employee shares the same vision, the same philosophy and the same definition of success.”


CEED goes further and deeper than being just another internal communications approach. It has a modular offering to suit specific leadership and corporate needs related to organisational culture.  CEED also offers an end-to-end transformation product/service, including articulation and alignment of culture, shaping the people narrative, creating unique rituals and executing it across ranks. In essence, CEED is designed to build systems of transformation that have the power to make organisational changes at scale.

“Culture is more than just a vision and mission statement. It has to be lived and loved.  CEED helps crystallise culture, and then articulates it across various touch points in an organisation — from conventional mediums such as film and posters, to innovations like office interior design, apparel and rituals,” Subramanian Krishnan, Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA\India.


TBWA India has already implemented such corporate culture projects in India across two B2B organisations specialising in Analytics, and a client in the Mutual Fund space. The common thread across all these projects was the personal involvement and passion of the Founder / CEO to transform the business through internal culture, making evangelists of each and every one of their employees.

The CEED offering from TBWA India promises to help organisations align to the same set of values and behaviours — where every business unit, across disciplines, aligned and interconnected to the same culture OS. It will be marketed across the agency’s social media channels, and also through business media channels that reach out to the C Suite and Tier-One decisions makers.


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