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Zomato strengthens its sonic identity, launches musical logo

Rajeev Raja and Dipak Marwah’s dedicated sonic-branding agency Brand Musiq has created the musical logo (Mogo) for the brand

Click on the image to listen to the music.

After building a strong visual identity, Zomato found an immense opportunity in building the brand’s sonic identity. Between white noise and the non-distinct beeps and buzzes, Zomato found scope to create an auditory palette to represent Zomato. In collaboration with Rajeev Raja and Dipak Marwah’s dedicated sonic-identity branding agency Brand Musiq, Zomato has announced the launch of its musical logo (Mogo).

The tune of the Mogo encapsulates both what Zomato stands for as a brand, and how millions of its partners and consumers feel while interacting with the food delivery and restaurant aggregator app.
It took around a month to create the brand’s signature tune. The Mogo can be heard on the latest Zomato app update (v14). Longer versions and adaptations of the Mogo (musical logo) will soon feature in the brand’s audio-visual communications as it fully integrates the sonic identity.

Recently, Zomato also upped its game in the video content space by launching 18 new Originals in an all-new video tab in its latest version of the app. All Zomato Original shows are around food, but with a twist. Comedy, reality, fiction, advice, celebrity interviews will explore food in unique, engaging and entertaining videos.

The music:

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