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Zee5 announces partnership with Israel-based Optimove

The Israel-based relationship marketing hub will micro-segment Zee5’s customer base by customer lifecycles broken down by behavioural patterns and predictive data

Tarun Katial, CEO, ZEE5 India and Pini Yakuel, Founder & CEO, Optimove

OTT platform Zee5 has announced a strategic tie-up with Israel-based Optimove to bolster the performance of the platform based on a suite of services backed by insight, engagement and optimisation.

Under the partnership, Optimove will work closely with Zee5 to build a customer data platform for the 61.5 million-strong monthly active user base that the platform has garnered over the past year-and-a-half. With its advanced marketing tech solutions, Optimove will micro-segment Zee5’s customer base by customer lifecycles broken down by behavioural patterns and other predictive data generated by Optimove’s relationship marketing hub.

The insights gained from the customer model will be collated by the platform across its 100,000+ hours of content and used to personalise content, offers, recommendations and more. By autonomously transforming customer data into actionable insight, Optimove will orchestrate hyper-segmented campaigns, helping drive measurable growth. Optimove will also provide strategic thought leadership on driving engagement for Zee5. 

Pini Yakuel, Founder and CEO, Optimove, said, “Zee5 is one of India’s leading brands in entertainment. I’m certain that the partnership between Zee5 and Optimove will yield great success and will help address the growing challenge of customer engagement and personalisation in the competitive entertainment market in India.  Zee5 has content and data, and Optimove can leverage those to empower Zee5’s marketing team to personalise customer interactions, and offer better value to each of its customers, and increase customer lifetime value.”

Tarun Katial, CEO, Zee5 India, said, “We are delighted to partner with Optimove in this next phase of our growth. The past year and a half have been spent in building a robust repository of content – from across the vast breadth of India – on Zee5. And proof of the pudding has come in the form of us being recognised as the largest producer of Hindi and regional digital content in the country.”

Katial continues, “Through this partnership, we will be building micro segments and curating a customer lifecycle journey to drive engagement with customers across geographies and demographies. We are also thrilled to learn about the global best practices in the space from Optimove’s extensive experience of working globally across sectors and audiences. We are confident that Optimove’s strategic counsel will support us in our endeavour to build an engaging and personal experience for our subscribers on Zee5.”

Optimove is a science-first relationship marketing hub. With a customer data platform at its core, Optimove autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights, helping customer-centric businesses drive measurable growth. The company’s unique technology suite enables the smart orchestration, measurement and optimisation of highly personalised multi-channel campaigns at scale, resulting in improved customer experience, retention and lifetime value.

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