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MTV sends strong message against unrealistic career expectations with new brand film

The channel aims to break stereotypes attached to selected professions and encourage the idea ‘Bachchon ka future, bachchon pe chhod do’. MTV partnered with NGO Childline India to provide a hotline service for students to help in career-related issues or for those in distress

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There is a plethora of career opportunities available nowadays for the youth to choose from. But the perception associated with selective professions continues to dominate the mindset of parents when it comes to the career of their children. Parents tend to choose a career path for their wards without giving a thought about their interests or passion.

Music and Youth entertainment channel MTV India has highlighted this pertinent issue through its brand film ‘Bachchon ka future, bachchon pe chhod do’. The brand films mirrors the reality that prevails within this competitive world and throws light on a serious issue.

Asked what encouraged a music and youth entertainment channel to take forward this thought-provoking issue in its brand campaign, Navin Shenoy, Head Marketing, Youth, Music & English Entertainment, Viacom18, said, “As a brand that caters and influences the youth, we believe a campaign with a strong and relevant cause will help us spread a positive word, in an innovative way. The youth of today has the power to bring about a change and spread awareness, and this campaign proves to be promising in various ways.”

The channel is not just addressing the issue but has also taken steps to help kids, MTV has partnered with NGO Childline India and initiated a process of providing a hotline service that will be helpful for students to discuss their career-related issues or those who are in distress.

Following the real-life situation, the brand film in a quirky way features the persona of a new-born via an ‘egg’, in a hospital set-up where the family members are discussing the ‘egg’s future’, seconds after it has stepped into this world ‘Yeh bada ho kar omelette banega’, followed by other concerned folks who think scrambled egg, egg bhurji or even an ‘MBA, mast boiled anda’ are perfect options for the new-born.

Through the brand film, the channel aims to break stereotypes attached to selected professions in the country and encourage the idea of ‘Bachchon ka future, bachchon pe chhod do’.  Shenoy said, “The idea was simple — to give out a strong message to the people against unrealistic career expectations that can possibly have severe consequences, causing the child to ‘crack’ in a competitive environment. We believe every child has the right to decide what makes him/her happy and flourish in a healthy, positive environment.”

The thought behind this campaign came from the fact that every individual at some point in their lives has been burdened by expectations from parents and other family members, with a never-ending struggle between pressure and passion. The career choices and the pressure to excel in life continue to be a growing concern in society and the channel is planning to highlight the issue in a fun and quirky way.

Speaking about the campaign, Shenoy said, “The thought was conceived during the phase when students were appearing for competitive exams and finding a suitable career option for themselves. As a brand, we like to be relevant to the youth, which then usually results in churning out concepts like these. The clock never stops.”

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