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HDFC Life launches sonic identity ‘Mogo’ to boost customer recall

Through the musical logo, the company aims to create a distinct brand sound to help improve recall every time someone interacts with the brand sonically

HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited has launched its sonic identity (Mogo — musical logo) that will be used across customer touch points.

‘Sonic branding’ utilises the ‘sound of a brand’ to evoke a collective range of emotions and memories associated with a brand. And a Mogo is the quickest way to trigger this.

Through the Mogo, HDFC Life is aiming to create a distinct brand sound to help improve recall every time someone interacts with the brand sonically. The Mogo was developed keeping in mind the core values of HDFC Life. It is inspired by the rasas — shingara (love), veera (courage) and shantha (peace), reflecting the caring, courageous brand that enables you to live your life with pride.

HDFC Life’s earlier campaigns resonate with the consumers, including a musical legacy of jingles, which have received much love and appreciation. With this Mogo, HDFC Life hopes to build continuity by leveraging the already present sonic asset of its ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo’ (live with pride) tune giving it a fresh, contemporary new identity whilst retaining the essence of the old tune.

Pankaj Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, said, “The advent of technology and rapid digitisation of the world is completely transforming the way consumers live, work and play, today. HDFC Life as a brand has always had a strong visual identity. With changing consumer habits, we realised early that sound would play a critical role in creating brand recall, differentiation and engagement with our stakeholders. The musical logo creates a sonic identity for a brand that's in tune with the evolution taking place today, while remaining true to the brand's core values.”

The Mogo has been suitably adapted to multiple versions and will be used in touch points such as TV, radio, digital ads and content, events, IVRs, caller-tune, ringtones, call hold recordings, mobile applications, website, etc.

The HDFC Life Mogo has been created in collaboration with Brandmusiq, which are pioneers in this space and have coined the term ‘Mogo’. BrandMusiq has created sonic identities for clients the world over. Founded by Rajeev Raja with Ajit Varma as co-founder and CEO, BrandMusiq expresses a brand’s essence by applying the science of sound and the art of music to create powerful sonic branding.

Rajeev Raja said, “It was very exciting for BrandMusiq to evolve and contemporise the existing HDFC Life jingle into a comprehensive sonic identity system with its distinct Mogo.”

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