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DAN Programmatic launches AI-powered audience insights engine ‘DAN Explore for Programmatic’

Armed with the right algorithms, it aims to become a translator in conversations by bringing trust between industry stakeholders in the programmatic space

DAN Programmatic, empowered by the Data Sciences division of Dentsu Aegis Network, has collaborated with Amnet, the network’s programmatic arm, to launch ‘DAN Explore for Programmatic’.

It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based insights engine for programmatic audience performance, which merges with their flagship insights engine – DAN Explore.

Despite being a fast-growing component of digital media investments, the programmatic advertising ecosystem is still plagued with the common challenges – that of transparency. With a view to address these mounting concerns and to provide insight into performance of programmatic audience segments for better buying and optimisation prospects for clients and the agency, DAN Explore for Programmatic endeavours to take cutting-edge AI algorithms and statistical modelling to the programmatic environment. It represents audience performance for programmatic cohorts in line with campaign and brand objectives.

Salil Shankar

Salil Shankar, Vice-President, Amnet India, says, “Despite the obvious benefits of the ecosystem, when it comes to programmatic advertising, the environment is mainly opaque. With the tech still being very much of a black-box, the lack of transparency still remains a major point of concern for publishers, brands and marketers. With its unique ability to provide more understanding to audience cohort performance, DAN Explore for Programmatic will be one step closer to our vision of making this ecosystem more transparent as well as providing us with the insight to sharpen our audience buys and set new performance benchmarks.”

Keeping true to its motto for providing actionable insights, the Data Sciences Division of the network aims to connect DAN Explore for Programmatic with its proprietary Insights engine (DAN Explore) and audience activation layer (DAN Planner).

Gautam Mehra

“Armed with the right algorithms, DAN Explore for Programmatic aims to become a translator in conversations by bringing trust between industry stakeholders in the programmatic space. With its unique access to data and proprietary logic frameworks, DAN Explore for Programmatic will help classify programmatic audiences accurately and reliably to analyse the performance of audience cohorts in line with marketing objectives based on thousands of real-time data points – forming a base for future planning and real-time optimisation of programmatic campaigns,” adds Gautam Mehra, CEO, DAN Programmatic and Chief Data Officer, South Asia, Dentsu Aegis Network.

The Dentsu Aegis Network Data Sciences Division is a specialised capability centre of data scientists and experts within the Dentsu Aegis Network.

DAN Programmatic is the media innovation and programmatic arm with a goal to harness technology, insight and creative thinking and works collaboratively with clients, media and tech owners to uplift business outcomes.

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