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Chanpreet Arora resigns as CEO of Vice Media

Arora has joined Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism as a fellow journalist

Chanpreet Arora

Vice Media India’s CEO Chanpreet Arora has moved on to join Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism as a fellow journalist.

With more than a decade of experience, Arora is known for developing and stabilising diverse businesses in India, both as a leader and a trusted advisor. In 2017, Arora was responsible for the launch of global youth brand Vice as a full-scale media company in India.

Before joining Vice Media, Arora was heading revenue strategy and sales operations at Times Internet. In 2009, she led the launch of Formula One in India along with Buddh International Circuit as part of the media advisory practice at Ernst and Young.

An alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Arora has also worked with Bharti Telesoft as Manager, Corporate Strategy. Her work with USIBC on the Effects of Piracy on the Indian Media Industry has been widely quoted and the work with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on setting cable tariff for non-CAS markets in India has paved a new way for the digitisation of cable in India.

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