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Taking car insurance can be quick and easy, says Acko

Through the campaign conceptualised by Leo Burnett Orchard, the general insurance brand establishes its core benefits of providing car insurance at low premium almost instantly

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Acko, the online general insurance brand, has launched a marketing campaign conceptualised and created by Leo Burnett Orchard. It revolves around how Acko has transformed the laborious yet critical car insurance purchasing process into one that’s quick, easy and fits in one’s pocket.

Car insurance purchase being a low involvement decision, car owners postpone the decision to the last few days before the policy expires. Once they decide to buy, they spend a lot of time comparing rates online to get the best value, getting help from friends and family, and answering unsolicited insurance agent calls. Through this campaign, Acko establishes its core benefits of providing car insurance at incredibly low premiums almost instantly, thereby making it a no-brainer choice. Hence the idea, “Ismein Dimaag Kya Lagana?”

The creative execution shows how every car owner has a unique relationship with his/her car. The film embodies a humorous yet real tone and shows a conversation between a car owner, who hasn’t yet purchased his insurance, and his car which is irritated by the delay. While the man is trying to placate his irritated car by telling her how complex the process is, another SUV nearby gives him the solution — Acko.

Kavita Chowkimane

Kavita Chowkimane, VP, Marketing, Acko, said, “Consumers are bombarded with too many choices today. They want to pick the best one but at the same time, avoid the cognitive load when it’s not worth the hassle. Our campaign is inspired by the thought of simplifying this decision for the value-conscious but time-poor consumer. Buying an insurance policy does not need to be such a taxing process and we think Acko is definitely a no-brainer choice.”

Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna, Head of Brand Marketing, Acko, said, “Being a young, disruptor brand in a traditional industry like insurance, our tonality has always been fresh and light-hearted. The campaign borrows from the gaps in the consumer’s current purchase journey and delivers Acko’s value proposition in an entertaining yet relatable manner.”

Prashanth Challapalli

Prashanth Challapalli, COO, Leo Burnett Orchard, said, “The relationship between a man and his car is a fascinating one. Irrespective of how much the car costs, you care for it and also take it for granted. Anything that is critical to the everyday running of the car is always a priority. Anything that is under the hood is taken for granted and usually becomes hassle to get done. Our story is a classic argument between a car that is upset at being taken for granted and the guy who is trying his best to remedy a bad situation.”

Ashish Sharma

Ashish Sharma, Associate ECD, Leo Burnett Orchard, said, “Indians often share a personal bonding with their cars and bikes. It's evident in our movies like Akayla where Amitabh Bachchan calls his car 'Ram Piyari'. Also, usually people don't think about car insurance, unless and until they are next to their car, ready for a drive.  A modern Indian already keeps a very busy life. Thinking over car insurance just makes life even more cumbersome. These three human observations were pivotal for our campaign thought and execution.”

The Film:


Client: Acko

VP Marketing, Acko: Kavita Chowkimane

Head of Brand Marketing, Acko: Nitin Khanna

Agency: Leo Burnett Orchard

COO, Leo Burnett Orchard: Prashanth Challapalli

Associate ECD, Leo Burnett Orchard: Ashish Sharma


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