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Cannes Lions 2019: People crave for entertainment with meaningful content

On Day 4, actor and musician Jeff Goldblum, Louise Benson, Executive Festive Director of Cannes Lions, and Stephane Xiberras of Havas discuss the future of entertainment and how artists, tech and media companies, agencies can make it more meaningful for audiences

People are now overloaded with entertainment content and yet they continue to crave for more. But do they crave for meaningful entertainment? What is the future of entertainment and how does it define their identity?

On Day 4 of the Cannes Lions Festival, Jeff Goldblum, actor and entertainer, UMG; Louise Benson, Executive Festive Director, Cannes Lions; Stephane Xiberras, President and CCO, Head of Global Creative Council, BETC Paris, Havas, discussed the evolution of entertainment and how it has become a part of individual. They deliberated how artists, technology companies, agencies, media companies can make entertainment more meaningful.  

Started off with gaming, Xiberras said gaming is not something only for children but is a massive platform if utilised properly. “It is like books and imagination. It is the part of the future. Fortnight, for example, is more than a game and a social platform. Gaming gives you the power to go into another world, giving you a seamless experience. All 2.4 billion gamers around the world live another life, in parallel through this,” he said.  

Entertainment is not something outside people but has become an essential component of people, a part for them, including private and public experiences. Entertainment choices have become an individual’s identity, said Benson.

According to a study conducted by Havas and Vivendi, 41% people say they only value the entertainment they can talk about and said ‘I consumer therefore I am.’

Adding to that, Goldblum said the audiences’ relationship with entertainment is changing. “The new ways of delivering entertainment to people has changed. And so is their involvement in all things computer, and their addiction. Who knows by this change, our entire species may change in a massive way since our experiences now are melding with AI, altogether.”

Apart from that, 77% of the respondents had also said entertainment brings cultures and values together. Entertainment has the capacity to reach to people in the positive way and people crave for entertainment in the form of meaningful content for making the world a habitual place if not a better one.

Xiberras said how entertainment as a part for advertising is also important. He said, “Entertainment is the medium to make a social difference. Giving funny things to people for me is essential as part of my work. Can you imagine advertising our clients without entertainment? There are brands carefully advertising this way to young people, sincerely.”

The panel moved to discuss another finding of the study, which said it is important for artists to put social issues in the content they produce. Goldblum said, “The real problem ahead for us, whether in entertainment or technological disruption, has to be solved with global co-operation and the stories we tell or the images we generate can educate, inspire people for important things.”

On artists using their public platforms for such global/social issues, he said, “They are not obliged but they have the right to do so. If not obliged, in order to have earned this privilege and in order to leave something behind and to live in the most conscience driven way, we can and artists should utilise this opportunity.”

Xiberras concluded that entertainment can definitely help the society if not change the world. He said, “For me it is an amazing opportunity to have conversations around the world. It can be powerful and can be used for good.”

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