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Try Havmor ice-cream’s new flavours this summer

Created by Creativeland Asia, the campaign has taken a fun route to convey its core proposition of offering new flavours with its Cool Giaz

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Lotte Confectionery’s ice-cream brand Havmor’s latest ad film has taken a cute and fun route to convey its core proposition of offering new flavours this summer.

Through this TVC, Cool Gaiz are ‘moo’ing about the recently launched innovative flavours. The campaign has been created by Creativeland Asia where they have managed to put together the fun and cute elements in the ad to appeal the Indian audience.

The 15-second film focuses on Cool Giaz (the two cows) where one of them is looking out for a new flavour and the other one gives him multiple choices. The TVC also conveys the message of Havmor being one of the brands that cares about the diverse tastes and opinion of its customers and offers them with the best.

The new flavours that have been added to the ice-cream bucket are triple chocolate blockbuster, dark chocolate cone, guava masala candy, berry punch sundae, American mud pie, jumbo raspberry dolly, duet candy to name a few.

Vincent Noronha, Vice-President Marketing at Havmor Ice-Cream, said, “Like every year, we are excited to introduce some new flavours this year as well. What better way than to reach out to our consumers through our very own Cool Gaiz. The TVC is helping the brand to spread the core message and reaching out to the target consumers. We wanted our ad to be creative and innovative just like our flavours, unlike traditional advertisements.”

Anu Joseph

Anu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer, Creativeland Asia, said, “It's the summer of new at Havmor. So, all our communication has been around that. In this film, you see the Cool Gaiz in their usual staccato, funny way exploring the new ice creams at Havmor. It couldn't have gotten simpler. It couldn't have gotten cuter.”

The Ad Film:


Client: Havmor, Lotte Confectionery

Vice-President Marketing at Havmor Ice-Cream: Vincent Noronha

Agency: Creativeland Asia

Chief Creative Officer, Creativeland Asia: Anu Joseph

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