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MIB prohibits news content on entertainment channels on counting day

The ordinance came after Zee News Hindi allegedly posted on social media its strategy of hosting a global coverage of counting day not only on its news channel but also on entertainment channels such as Zee TV

As the 2019 General Elections are set to culminate tomorrow, news broadcasters are planning to make the most of counting day. News channels have lined up special programmes to offer more inventories to advertisers.

In its quest to attract more viewers and open new ad inventories, Sudhir Chaudhary, Editor-in-Chief, Zee News Hindi, has reportedly stated on social media twitter that they are providing global coverage of counting day across 170 countries through Zee News, and their entertainment channel Zee TV.

Following this announcement, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has allegedly received several complaints against Zee Media Network.

In order to have a level-playing field, MIB has issued an ordinance stating that abiding by the Policy Guidelines for Uplinking of Television Channels from India, 2011, only news channels are mandated to carry news and current affairs content, while non-news and current affairs channels are not mandated to carry any news and current affairs content.

According to this ordinance, Zee Media or any other news broadcasting network won’t be able to air coverage of counting day on any of the channels that are purely entertainment and do not have any element of news and current affairs in its programming content.

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