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LF presents Masterchef Australia Season 7 to Indian audience in Hindi and English

The channel is bringing the show on May 20 and will air it from Monday to Friday, 5pm (in Hindi), 10pm (in English). The show showcases the journey of ordinary people in an extraordinary way

LF, the international food and lifestyle channel, is bringing Masterchef Australia Season 7, the culinary show, on Indian television. Starting May 20, the seventh season of series will air every Monday to Friday, 5pm (in Hindi), 10pm (in English).

For the first time ever, the show will be aired in Hindi. MasterChef Australia has been one of the most-loved international shows in India. Australia’s favourite judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston have also become popular in the country.

Each season of Masterchef Australia introduced viewers to new words from the culinary world – from bisque, ballotine, sous vide, deglaze, to pomme fondant and more. LF is reintroducing the show not just to English-speaking audiences but for the first time, it will air it in Hindi, thereby helping it reach out to a larger set of audiences.

Masterchef Australia focuses on showcasing the journey of ordinary people in an extraordinary way.

With huge diversity in cultures and habits, Indian people love to cook. They are big foodies. People in India will be able to watch it on LF in two languages in the comfort of their own homes.  With its extensive reach to every corner of the country, people will be able to watch their favourite contestant hustle to impress the judges with their culinary skills to earn the prestigious title of ‘Masterchef’.

Amit Nair, Business Head, LF, said, “Masterchef Australia has been the most popular in the Masterchef franchise and most followed show. It has transformed the culinary landscape in India and across the world. LF has always aimed to provide and expose India to global culinary lifestyles by showing the best of both the worlds and culture rich experiences. The idea is to encourage and nurture different culinary global experiences. We aim to take the Hindi telecast to an entirely new segment of television watchers in India.”

This show has provided the most resplendent looking dishes, through some unimaginable cooking techniques. With different backgrounds, different experiences, skills and cultural influences, there is one thing that will unite them, i.e. their passion for food.

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